The Rose Pendant (10)

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First the tingling started in my toes. Than it spread up to my legs, and into my arms and hands. It felt like I was being pricked by burning needles over and over again. I wanted to move, to run away from the pain, but I couldn’t. Actually I couldn’t move at all. No matter how hard I tried, my limbs wouldn’t listen to me.

“Is she awake?” I heard someone ask.

“Just let her rest dear. She almost died; sleeping is the best thing for her right now.” A soft voice said, she was probably a nurse. I almost what? Maybe I wasn’t hearing right.

“But you said she was in good condition.” A rougher voice complained. It was male, definitely male.

“No, I said she was in good condition for someone who just suffered from a severe case of hypothermia. It’s a miracle that she didn’t lose and toes or fingers.”

What the heck happen to me? I remember running; running in the freezing rain. Maybe I slipped?

“That’s a big ass bump on her head. It looks like she got beat up, not hypothermia.” He grumbled.

“She probably slipped, which knocked her unconscious out in the rain, hence why she almost froze.”

So I did slip. Yeah, not the brightest of my ideas… My head didn’t think so either, it was throbbing so much, I thought it would explode. No more running in the rain for me. I’ll will put it on my list of “don’t do’s” next to running with scissors.

“Are you sure-”

“Mr. Hearth if you don’t stop bothering me I will kick you out of the infirmary. I understand that you care about your friend, but I promise you she will be fine. Please just go back to your dorm.” The nurse demanded.

What the heck? Why was Storm here? Why did he care about me anyways? I wonder if he found me in the rain. Probably not. He would be more likely to leave me out there…

But really? Why was he here, and why did he sound so worried? God this was going to bug me, especial because I couldn’t open my mouth to ask him.

“Fine…” I heard him sighed and he pushed back a chair that must have been close to my bed. Wait don’t leave! I thought to myself, I don’t want to be alone…

“Good, I need to give Holly her shots anyways.” Evil nurse say what?? Shot? I hate needles! I was not going to let that lady stick me with one. Over my dead body.

“NO!” I cried out, opening my eyes. I blinked at the bright lights.

“Holly?” Storm practically shouted returning to my bedside.

“Owww!” I groaned, what a head rush…

“Stop yelling dear, your hurting her ears. Holly honey, how are you feeling?”

“No shot…” I moaned ignoring her question.

“Alright dear but how is your head?”

“Please no shot” I said again just to make myself clear.

“I understand dear, but how are you feeling?”

“Geez she must have hit her head pretty hard. She can’t even understand you.” said Storm looking concerned. "Do you think she remembers who I am?" God he was such a moron...

“Shut up idiot.” I told him, “I just don’t want a needle anywhere near me.” The nurse put her hands on her hips and gave me a stern look.

“Yes, but your head?” I lifted my hand to my forehead to touch the tender spot. Ouch not a good idea.

“Ah, it's fine, just a little sore right here.” I said pointing to the bump. Storm snorted.

“Duh it’s sore. That bump is so big, it’s like a neon sign saying watch out here comes the klutz! Really Holly, you need to look in the mirror.” I glared at Storm. Why the heck was he here again?

“Yea well at least I own a mirror. Obviously you don’t, or else you wouldn’t look like that.” I said inspecting his outfit. It was a total lie. His tight skinny jeans made his butt look hot and the bright green hoodie he was wearing made his eyes pop. I would never tell him that though…

“Would you both stop fighting?” the nurse asked. I crossed my arms and pouted like a two-year old. “Alright dear,” the nurse said once we were both quiet, “I’m really sorry, but I do need to give you that shot.”

“No! I don’t need it really.”

“It will make you head stop throbbing dear.”

“I’m fine really, I promise. See look?” I told her jumping out of the hospital bed.

“Oh my goodness child, lay back down right now!”

“Heck no!” I said before grabbing Storms hand and running out of the hospital wing.


“Do you even know where you are going?” Storm asked as I rushed away from the scary nurse with needles. I swear I was going to have nightmares about her. I stopped for a second and looked around. Dang I had no idea where I was…

“Ahh? On the school grounds?” I asked sheepishly. Storm palmed his forehead.

“Wow you're brilliant Holly!”

“Oh shut up. Just be a good boy and lead us back to the dorms.” We walked for a few minutes in silence as the wind whipped fall leaves around the campus.

“Hey Storm?” I asked him.

“Huh?” he said back.

“How come I feel so, I don’t know, just good? The nurse said I almost died and here I am running out of the infirmary. When I first woke up I felt like I got run over by a bus from hell.” Storm laughed and my stomach flipped. Oh gosh, maybe there was something wrong with me! Storm laughing never made me feel good before…

“You’re a vampire Holly remember? We heal fast.”

“Oh, now I feel kind of dumb…” I said blushing. Storm stopped walking and smirked at me.

“Yeah well you look kind of dumb too.” I turned bright red when I looked down and noticed I was still wearing the hospital gown.


Hey everyone. I know I'm horrible at updating this story. The reason is because its already written, so I just forget about it. I now give you all permission to leave me really nasty PM's if I haven't uploaded this story in a week. 

Peace. Ali

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