Cute and Clumsy

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(There will be a chapter 2 if you all want it, say in the comments or with faves, whatever works, I just need to know that you all like it or no!)

The sun happily awoke, making the sky turn from a black starry night, to a orange ombré dawn. I warmed my soft (skin color) hands by the fire. I started to hum an old folk song. I stopped warming my hands to look around to dense forest I was currently "camping" in.

'CRACK!' I whipped my head around nervously, then quickly stood up and unsheathed my (sword/bow/etc.)
"I'm sorry miss... I don't mean any harm!" A mans voice echoed from the forest.
"Alright... Come out then..." I say, putting away my weapon, but still holding onto it just in case he actually means harm... Assuming it is actually a man, and not a female with a really manly voice.

The man stepped out cautiously by my camp. He was a Hobbit. He was kind of handsome, with his crystal-like eyes, and brown wavy hair. He was also accompanied with an older wizard. "I told you that we shouldn't have came through there looking for a dumb book, Gandalf!" The hobbit murmured to the wizard, how I was assuming, named Gandalf. I completely unsheathed all of my weapons, and walked steadily closer to the two.
"W-w-we mean no h-harm... Miss..." The Hobbit looked very worried. It was cute, he was trying to talk his way out of fights. Funny, that's what I usually do to.
Gandalf was about to speak until I cut him off.
"I know... Don't be afraid. My name is (Name). I'm a (race), I'm just wandering around here."
"Oh... Well hello. My name is Bilbo... Bilbo Baggins, I am a Hobbit. Oh! And this is my good friend Gandalf." He threw out his hand, and I gently shook it, same with Gandalf.

"Come and sit down~ tea is almost done." I chimed, checking on the pot that was over the fire.
"Thank you." The two nodded and took a seat on a log.
"If you down mind me asking, what are you two men doing out here?" I questioned, as I sat on a short stump that was near the log.
"Well, we got somewhat lost, miss (Name)" Gandalf said.
"Oh! Do you need help, then?"
"If it isn't a bother lady (name) Bilbo replied
"It isn't a bother at all! I'd love to! It'll give my some company too~" I saw while taking the teapot off from the fire and poured all of us some tea.
"Thank you Miss (name)" they both replied as I gave them their tea.

I took a quick sip of my steamy tea. It was delightful, if I do say so myself!
"I'm going to get a better view." I said putting my tea down, and started to walk towards a nearby easy, climbable tree. The two looked at each other then looked at me walking. I now stood by a tree and put one foot on the lowest branch. Then I moved my next leg up to the next highest one, until I got to about branch number 12. I was generally far pretty far up. Then I but both of my hands out to catch myself, because I lost my balance... But there was no tree branch to put my hands on, so I just kinda zig-zagged fell down a tree. In front of Bilbo and Gandalf. When I hit the ground I knocked out.

I was greeted with a worried hobbit very close to my face.
"What if she's not ok? What if- Oh! You're awake (name)!!!" Bilbo said rather quickly.
"I casted a small healing spell on you. Are you feeling alright?" Gandalf asked.
"Yes, I am. Thank you... And I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, I'm such a clumsy (race) anyways..." I murmured. There was soon an awkward silence. Bilbo was still very close to me, and he was just giving me romantic glances, until he snapped out of it and scooted a bit away. Our faces turned beat red, and Gandalf chuckled.

"Sorry~ miss!" Bilbo said.
"It's very fine!" I said cheerfully, starting to sit up.
"Oh you're bleeding!" Bilbo said, starting to panic.
"Oh... I am...." I said calmly.
"Here are some bandages miss (name)"
"Thank you... And you don't need to call me miss anymore, just (name) is fine."
"Alright, miss-- er-- I mean (name)"
I looked down at the wound. It was just barely above my breasts, it was kind difficult to bandage myself also.
"Bilbo?..." I quietly said.
"Yes? Are you alright?" Bilbo responded.
"I can't really cover my wounds very good... Can you help?" I said awkwardly pointing above my breasts.
"Oh! Are you sure you want ME to do it?!" Bilbo says blushing like mad.
I blushed and nodded.
He then gently wiped away the blood around the wound, then he but oil on it to clean the bacteria, last he wrapped it in silk bandages. It was awkward at first... But then I think he started to enjoy it. I know I did. (;))
"Thank you, Bilbo." I kindly said then kissed him on the cheek. He blushed like mad then gave me a ear to ear smile, and I shot him one back. I was falling for him...

"Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds, but we need to get going." Gandalf said, and somewhat laughed, and helped me stand up.
"Lead the way~" Bilbo said excitedly, and held my hand, as we started to walk out the the forest.

********CHAPTER 2????**********

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