1. Three Years

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"You need to move out." Natsu spoke bluntly to his raven haired roommate.

"What? Why?!" I yelled out in frustration.

Because Gray, every time Lucy and I go to spend time together, you always interrupt us. If we go to the mall, you come, if we go to the movies, you come. I can't even invite her over for a romantic evening because you always bring home random girls who make way too much noise." Natsu spoke sternly.

Ouch. I'd make a joke that he's bitch whipped but Natsu means business because this is the most serious that I've seen him.

"Well what about Loke?! Is he moving out?" I yelled out.

"Loke already moved out!" Natsu yelled in disbelief that I didn't even notice.

"I'd move out but where am I going to go?" I asked folding my arms.

Natsu shrugged. " You'll find somewhere to live."

That's all he had to say to me? I guess I couldn't really say much to him because it had been true what he said. Loke and I are the only two guys left out of the fairy tail guild who actually don't have a girlfriend, fiancé,or wife. Sure I liked one night stands but after Lucy constantly keeps telling me about sexual diseases, she's slowly turning me from them.

I only hung out with Natsu and Lucy was because I'm lonely. I didn't have a girlfriend to keep me entertain me and well I can't work all hours of the day. Sure I was an engineer but I'm not a offshore engineer. If I could go offshore than I'd be gone for like a month which also means I'd be off for a month. Lucy tried setting me up on dates but none of them appealed to me as girlfriend material.

"Fine, I'll be out within a few days." I groaned sitting on the couch.

Lucy came running with two big boxes. She could barely stand as her knees began to bend.

"Here let me help you." I said taking the boxes and laying them in Natsu's room.

"Thanks Gray, sorry about kicking you out." Lucy said guilty as she looked down at the floor.

"I'll be fine. I just need to find a place to live." I groaned chewing on a piece of chicken.

"Well Juvia recently moved out and I know that she's living alone. I'm sure she'd put you up till you find a actual place of your own." Lucy suggested.

I almost choked on the chicken as I swallowed it.

"No way!" I yelled.

"Oh come on Gray, it's been like three years so get over it!" Lucy raised her voice.

"Absolutely not." I snarled.

"Well where else are you gonna go?" Natsu asked sitting next to him taking the rest of my chicken.


"I don't know, I'll live with Loke." I smiled.

"He's living with Gajeel and Gajeel hates your guts and plus it's only a two room apartment" Lucy said folding her arms.

"Then I'll sleep in my car." I argued.

"That would make you bum!" Natsu laughed and pointed at me.

"Seriously Gray, Juvia has changed. She's the only option you've got."

"Unless you wanna ask Erza." Natsu said with a big grin.

"No-No Thanks." I said nervously.

Sure I liked Erza and she was like a sister. A scary sister. No way in hell was I living with her. Although Erza and Jellal are always on missions so nobody would ever really be home.

"Actually I might ask Erza."

"Too bad because I already called Juvia and asked her to put you up for a few weeks and she was more than happy too." Lucy smirked.

I frowned then put my hand through my hair. I didn't want to live with crazy obsessive Juvia.

"Fine, I'll go pack." I said sadly as I slowly walked to my room.

I walked up to the expensive looking condo that Juvia now lives in. How the hell did she afford a place like this? Natsu and Lucy were behind me carrying my boxes in their hands.

I went to knock on the door but it suddenly opened and their stood crazy Juvia. Expect she didn't look crazy anymore. She stood their in a tight little white towel with her blue hair in a messy bun. She had her phone in one hand and her tooth brush hanging from her mouth as she tried to talk. I blushed a little because the only thing keeping me from seeing her naked body was that little towel. She opened the door wide and motioned her hands for me to come in. I walked in and laid my boxes down by the door. Her place was actually really nice. It had a giant kitchen and living room. I looked to my right which had a hallway that led to four rooms. Their was a wide flat screen television in the living room that hung from the wall. Pictures of her and her guild mates and some new faces.

Juvia suddenly came out still wearing that tiny towel but she no longer had a phone or tooth brush.

"Sorry about that, I had to take a super important phone call and I was trying to get ready for work." Juvia spoke out of breath.

She doesn't speak in third person anymore.

"That's fine, I just bought in the last box so Gray should be good." Natsu spoke.

"Well I'll let you two be, call us if you need anything." Lucy smiled then quickly followed Natsu out the door.

We both stood facing each other. I put my hands in my pocket than looked away from her.

"Uh thanks for letting me crash here." I said irritated.

"Sure, your room is the last one down on the left side." Juvia said quickly running into the room across from mine which I assumed was hers.

I finished moving my last box in my room then wiped my forehead. Normally I wouldn't sweat over such little effort but it was like thirty to forty degrees out. I went out to the kitchen and look through the the fridge and got a glass of lemonade. I sat on one of the backless chairs and watched Juvia fumble around the house looking for things.

She looked really hot. Like really hot. She wore a tight white button long sleeve shirt that was tucked into her flowly short black skirt. The heels she wore were also black and so were her stockings that reached a little below where her skirt stopped but still showed some skin. Her hair was left down. It was still blue and curly but it had grown out longer. She had this whole fuck me bent over look. And I would have right then and there.

She came towards me and grabbed her car keys.

"Sorry to run out here so quickly. I have work till five and I was suppose to be in like five hours ago but I had a doctors appointment. If you need to know anything call me." she said as she wrote her number down.

"Thanks. Where do you work?" I asked curious.

"Vastia Limited." She said biting her lip.

Vasita Limited?! She worked at Lyon's business?!

"Oh." I said quietly.

"Yes, well I'll see you later!" Juvia said grabbing her jacket and bag then quickly running out the door.

She wasn't the crazy obsessive Juvia who wanted me more than anything anymore.

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