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"Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away."

- Ismail Haniyeh

Candice POV

Today was the first day of combat. I didn't know if it was out of anxiety or if I was just an early riser because it seemed that I had woken up earlier than the rest of the transfers, which is not the first time here. I didn't mind though, that only meant I had first dibs on the showers. I stood up, took my things and went to the bathroom. I hung my towel on a hanger, undressed myself and stepped in the shower. I felt the hot water hit my sore body, I guessed all those extra training hours had finally gotten to me, I was thankful I didn't had any more of those seeing as Eric thought I didn't need it anymore and I was off the hook for talking back at him. I took some shampoo and started massaging my hair, it was so peaceful at this time of the day, and no sound was heard except a few snores from some initiates. The silence made me relax and I almost forgot about my agreement with Zack key word, almost. I took a deep breath and signed, this day is going to be interesting. I rinsed the shampoo and the shower cream I had rubbed on my body. I took the towel and stepped out of the shower. After I had gotten dressed and put on some light makeup to hide the dark circles around my eyes I walked back to my bed, noticing that the rest of the group still hadn't woken up, meaning it was still early and Four hadn't come to wake us up yet. I laid down on my bed waiting, I thought about my options. Either I do as Zack says and probably become factionless something I didn't want to happen, or I tell Eric about Zack which will risk Eric getting in trouble, however Eric might be able to convince Zack to shut up. No, Zack is a sneaky guy, I can't risk it or can I?I didn't have time to continue my thoughts because someone was banging on the railing, making a loud piercing noise. I turned my head to see Four grinning at the view of groaning initiates in front of him.

"Rise and shine initiates, get ready breakfast starts in 30 minutes." Four said and walked out, but not before nodding at me, mentally asking if I was okay. I smiled and nodded back. I waited for my friends to get dressed before we headed to the dining hall.

We all sat at our usual table and were accompanied by Zeke, Shauna, Four and Tori. I hadn't seen Tori since the day of the aptitude test; apparently she works in the tattoo parlor.

"So fellow initiatives today is the big day, today we start combat. How do you all feel?" Matt asked.

"I can't wait, I wonder who I will go against?" Meg said.

"Yeah me to, hope it's one of those dimwits that always stick together." Noah said.

"Man I would love to see that fight. Those guys are a pain in the ass, that Zack guy is the worst he always try to hit on me." Levina said with disgust.

"WHAT!" Matt screamed out, now getting angrier with every second.

"Relax Mattyboy; you have nothing to worry about. If he as much as lay a hand on my sis he is a dead man."

"Geez, thanks bro I feel so much better now." Levina responded and hit him in the shoulder.

"You should be careful Levina; Zack is not the guy to mess with. When he sets his mind on something or in this case eyes, he will not give up until he gets it. Trust me, I know him, I know what he is capable of." I told her after having being silence since we got here."What do you mean?"

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