A and D (18)

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I stood in front of the dining table, staring at the foods that were laid on it. What could I say? Mom was a great cook. There was no denying it.

There were sausage casserole, corn mush, Moravian buns and blueberry pie. I could feel my mouth water just staring at these foods.


I looked over my shoulder and saw Jason walk towards me.

“Who wouldn’t be? Look at all these,” I said in awestruck, still staring at the table. I really wanted to eat now.

“But the guests are yet to come,” Jason added.

Ugh, reality.

“I know,” I said confidently. “Of course I wouldn’t eat before they come. It’s not like I’m starved to death.”

It was funny how I could still talk like this and be very nervous at the same time.

I hope I could keep up with my composure when I see Aaron.

I hadn’t spoken with him for a long while. The last talk I remembered I’ve had with him was during our review in Physics. But that was just a Yes-and-No type of talk. We never really ‘conversed.’

“All is set,” declared Mom as she emerged from the kitchen holding a salad bowl. She smiled widely at us.

Dad took the bowl from Mom and placed it on the dinner table. I almost jumped when the door bell rang.

“I got it,” Jason said, leaving the dining room to go to the door.

I didn’t know why, but I followed him. When he opened it, I saw Mrs. Ford holding a medium-sized container, standing beside her was Mr. Ford. They came in and were warmly greeted by Jason and my parents.

And after them was Aaron. He wore a plain blue sweater and jeans under the winter coat. His hair was covered with snow dust. Before coming inside, he shook his hair to remove it.

I noticed that Jason already followed our parents at the dining room. Obviously, that left me standing at the door with Aaron.

“Come in,” I told him. “It’s cold out there.”

As he stepped inside, I closed the door. We followed everyone to the dining room and began dinner.

Dinner was surprisingly fine. The food was delicious. My parents were busy chatting with Mr. and Mrs. Ford in the living room after dinner, while Jason was having his chit chat with Aaron out there on the porch.

I, on the other hand, was sitting here on the couch, battling with the idea of whether I should give Aaron the gift that I got for him or not. I veered my eyes from the television to Jason who entered the room and talked to Mr. Ford.

Aaron was sitting alone at the porch, looking all mellow again.

Should I go talk to him? Geez, what was I thinking? I was just going to give him company. It would be rude if I left him alone like that all evening. More to the point, he used to be my best friend, after all. It wass not like I’d confess my love to him.

Oh, wait. I already did that.

I sighed. Right, I would go outside and accompany him so that both of us could freeze to death.

I quietly stood up and went outside. My hand was shaking as I opened the door (I mean, come on! It’s not like he’s going to eat me alive, so why is my hand shaking?). I went out and closed the door behind me.

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