h-hey Tenten

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Since i got to the leaf village I was bombarded with questions of where I've been I couldn't tell them so I told everyone I was on a important mission only Tsunade and sakura knew the truth. Soon Tsunade sent me on missions with different teams. Things have been more hectic since sasuke left. Right now I'm on my way to the village gate on another mission. When I arrived Tenten was there.

"H-hey Tenten." I waved.

"Hi the Hokage said I am to accompany you on your mission" she said. I nodded and we left. We were headed to suna to help out the kazakage. On our way there I kept glancing at Tenten. She's shorter than me by an inch or two, she always had her hair in those two buns. I have to admit she was pretty and an excellent weapons expert. You see I've never really taken an interest in boys. It was last year that I had figures out I liked girls the Akatsuki members knew after I yelled it at Hidan.

**flashback bitches**
I was in the living room drinking green tea relaxing with Itachi, Sasori, and zetsu. The others were in the kitchen. Hidan came into the living room at sat by me.

"Hey bitch how bout you and I get together and make sacrifices to lord Jashin together" he smirked.

"Why the fuck would I do that?" I stated rather calmly.

"Come on we could be a wonderful fucking couple sacrificing together. It would please Lord Jashin." He said. I just shook my head in disapproval.

"It wouldn't work out. You're not the type of person I want." I stated rather annoyed.

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