100 questions challenge -.-

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Yeah so this idiot aDemonInMyHead   #media for you tagged me in that shit so I have to do it.Ryan you idiot,I hate you for this!!!So lets just get this over with .-.


1)Real name: Dude look at my username *points to my username* Its Georgia!!

2)Age: 17on 29 July  \(^.^)/

3)Nicknames: Ugh this one...I hate this one,so here we go: Georgie (Foreverruss )

                                                                                                                           Perv,guys im not one I swear!!!(Imwiththe3girls )

                                                                                                                            George,stupid (aDemonInMyHead)

                                                                                                                              Love,boo (Endless_Desires  um-what )

                                                                                                                               Smartass (_Rayden_)

                                                                                                                              Giola(Imwiththe3girls  if you ever call me that i will kick u seriously xD) 


Middle school

High school -Im a proud senior of high school!

5)Tall or short: Eh somewhere in the middle but tends to short xD

6)Hair color: Dark brown but some say that  at the end its kinda red 0-0

7)Eye color: Green with brown...Lame I know .-.


8)Fave food: Pizza...Pizza for sure,then spaghetti anddd um idfk..Oh oh LAVA CAKE *^*

9)Fave kind of music: Well um...tough question...*sighs in frustration* Rock,for sure,a little hip-hop and old greek songs.

10)Fave song: Daughtry-What about now

11)Fave movie or tv show:  Movie is 50 shades of grey lol now.I havent even seen it xD Well.I think its 'The hunger games','The hobbit' and tv show um 'Wipeout'.I laugh my ass of with that!xD

12)Fave thing to do: Sitting and listening to music and reading a book.Im such a lame person so u  can stop reading here or shut up and keep it going *smiles innocently*

13)Fave number: 13 *heart eye emoji*


14)Gender: I think you all get it but in case you dont I'M A GIRLLLLL!

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