Chapter One

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Levi had a look of concentration as he pushed. "Right there!" I cried out. He narrowed his eyes at me as his fingers poked and prodded until he found the right spot. "Yes!" I cried again and he smirked. "You're so good at this!" I moaned, he chuckled softly.

"With the way you're shouting the neighbors may think we're fucking." He leaned back in his chair, resting his ankle on his other knee. "Your turn." I transferred my gaze to the small structure of thin wooden blocks.

Carefully, I poked one and the structure shook so I kept poking different blocks until I found one that was loose. I slid it out and set it on top before shouting in victory. I watched Levi as he took his turn, his eyebrows formed a crease as he focused intently. He slipped a block out, dropped it on top and then leaned back again, grinning.

I started to feel cocky. This was Levi's first time playing Jenga, there's no way he'll win. I slowly took a loose one from the very bottom and set it on top. The tower began to wobble. "No, no, no, n-" The wooden blocks crashed down against the table with a loud bang, making me jump. "Shit." I mumbled.

"Does that mean I win?" He asked as he set the wooden blocks that fell into his lap onto the table. I groaned and nodded. Levi stood up and stretched before sliding his hand to the back of my head and kissing my forehead. "Do you want some tea, my dear husband?" He asked softly, I giggled and nodded. "What kind?"

I gave it some thought before replying, Levi has one cupboard filled with teas. I walked over to it and picked up the different boxs, looking and smelling, before I handed the one I wanted to him. He smiled faintly. "Same as me, huh?"

"Really? I thought you drank green tea." I paused. "Black tea seems a better fit for you than green now that I think about it." I pulled my lips into a thin line as I got lost in my head.

It's been six months since our honeymoon and lately Levi has been hinting at moving, but nothing concrete. "I want a different view." He'd say as he smoked on the balcony. "I hate how far my work is from here." Things like that. It'd be nice to have a new view, new neighbors but I'm not sure how financially stable we are.

"Hey, Levi?" The shorter male turned his head from the cups and looked at me, cocking a brow. "Have you looked at any houses?" Levi poured me and him some tea, put honey in mine but nothing in his own.

"You noticed?" He asked as he handed me my cup. We moved to the living room and sat on the couch, I got the edge.

"Noticed what?" I took a sip of my tea before crossing my legs underneath me and facing Levi. "Your little hints at moving?" He nodded. "Of course I noticed. Why haven't you just said it straight out?"

"I'm waiting until I get enough money for a really good house fit for a really good husband." He sipped at his steaming tea and I did the same.

"Show me pictures of the one's you have been looking at!" I said excitedly. Levi stared at me blankly before walking into the bedroom and coming out a minute later. He turned on his laptop as he made his way back to the couch.

He clicked and typed a few things before handing the laptop to me. I sat it on my lap stared in awe at this house. "It looks like something a celebrity would live in." I mumbled as I looked through the pictures. "How many bedrooms?"

"Only three. The house is only really big because of the in-" Levi started before I interrupted him.

"Indoor pool!" I shouted. "And gym! I told you this is for celebrities. Can you pay twenty-five hundred plus, maybe, another four or five hundred for other things?" I looked over at him and he nodded. "Are you a secret billionaire?"

"Who knows?" He whispered in a mysterious tone before taking the laptop back and showing me different houses. I loved all of them except one.

"Have you made any decisions on which ones you like and which ones you don't?" I asked.

"I can't decide which one of these to remove. I like all of them bu-"

"Which one is the farthest from work?" I interrupted again. He looked through his list again and smiled before showing me a picture of my least favorite. "Remove it from the list and now we are down to five."

The five houses were all very different. The first one had an indoor pool and an area for a gym, which they provide the equipment, and it was simply gorgeous. The second one has a pool in the backyard with a fire pit, the rest of the house is beautiful but the pool is the best part. The third had the look of an old farmhouse, which I love, but no pool or anything. The fourth had a pool, the coolest fireplace, and heated floors in the bathroom. The last one was amazing.

There was a pool, a fireplace, two kitchens, and a gaming area. It was three stories with two bedrooms. On the top and bottom floor were the kitchens and the middle had the gaming area. All the houses had a balcony with an amazing view.

"Are we wanting a pool?" I asked and Levi gave me a look.

"Why didn't I invite you to my house hunting party earlier?" He said before answering my question. "I enjoy pools." I nodded in agreement and we removed the beautiful farmhouse. "Which ones are your favorite?"

I squinted my eyes as I thought. "Indoor pool, heated bathroom floors, and two kitchens." I replied. "That sounds like the perfect house right there. What are yours?" He smiled and removed the house with an awesome pool but mediocre everything else.

"Down to three. Do we need two kitchens?" Levi asked as he scrolled through photos.

"No, but we need that fireplace and gaming area." I replied almost instantly. "Also, in the one with the heated floors, did you see the size of that bathroom? It's gigantic!"

"I think the first one is the best because it has everything except heated floors." He stayed silent for a second. "I can call for all three houses so we can go in and look together." I gave him a wide smile and he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling his body forward.

I was now sitting on the edge of the couch with Levi's body behind me. I could see his legs but nothing else. His head was laying against my upper back and his hands rubbed my stomach. I let him stay there for a minute. "Levi?"

"Hm?" He asked, his head moving against my back until it was peaking out from behind my shoulder.

"Can you let me go for a second?" I asked and he gave me the cutest face I've ever seen. His eyes were slightly wider than usual and his lips curved faintly.

"No." He replied as he poked my side, making me flinch. He then poked my stomach, my ribs, and my chest. I giggled softly with all off them.

"Stop! That tickles!" I laughed but he kept gently poking me. "You need to call about the houses!" Instantly he stopped, pushed out from behind me and plopped his head onto my thigh. "Am I a pillow now?" I asked as I pushed the hair out of his face. He looked up at me and handed me his phone, I typed in the number for the first house and handed it to him.

He draped his arm over his eyes and he talked. I played with his hair, listening to his voice. After about five minutes he handed me the phone and I typed in the next one. Five minutes later we did the same thing. "Saturday we are seeing all three houses. So, tomorrow." He said before tossing his phone to the edge of the couch.

He rubbed his eyes before sitting up abruptly and facing me. "Let's do something."

First chapter of the sequel, done! The first chapter is always the hardest so, pleaaaseee, bear with me. I also just posted the first chapter for Stranded which is also Eren x Levi. I look forward to writing both if these stories and to you guys enjoying them. Thank you for reading!♡Kitty♡

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