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Pen Your Pride

The Beginning

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My mother surely would not send me away. This letter has got to be a fake.

But I knew it wasn't. The paper clearly states that I was due at school in a matter of two weeks. His signature was signed at the bottom. Yet, more proof of how real the situation really is.

I sat back in the desk chair and sighed. The letter laid flat on the desk, like a bad omen. Something so light caused so much weight on my shoulders.

I haven't spoken to him in years, not since I was five years old.
We had just moved to the small town of Norwicke and my mother was pregnant with my younger sister, Terri.

We were happy then, all was right with the world.

My next memory was a blur. I remember the pain and fear, just not the cause of it. I could feel the blood oozing out of me, the excruciating agony of my broken ribs and crushed toes. Whatever damage had been done was fatal.

Afterwards, I woke up in the hospital...spent nine months in a medically induced coma.
Father was gone and mom wasn't. She stayed and he didn't. No matter how I look at it he was the bad guy.

Now, years later he wants me back. What for? It couldn't be to finally connect with me because I'm sixteen now and he was years too late.

But now, I felt like the bad guy. I no longer wanted to connect with him. I didn't crave that familial bond with him anymore. He was a stranger now.

A stranger amongst a sea of strangers.

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