Chapter 3

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-Arianas POV!!-

It had been 2 days since my Starbucks with Trevor and I still couldn't get his eyes out of my head. His deep green eyes.

I looked in my purse and found the napkin with his number on, I typed it into my phone and just as I was about to hit dial I got a phone call. It was syco my management company.


'Hi Ariana, how are you?'

'Yeah I'm good thanks'

'Good good, anyway do you think you would be able to come in today at around 11?'

I looked at the clock and it was already 10.

'Um yeah sure I could make that happen.'

'Good, we will see you then. Bye.' The call ended.

I quickly got up and started to get ready for whatever this meeting could be about. Probably my new single? No idea.

I'm ready. Yes. Now I need to drive there. I looked at the clock and I had 20 minutes to get there. I could do that...I hope.

-Harry's POV!!-

I often got quite excited when me and the boys got called into the SyCo building. Mainly because it was also Arianas music label so there was always a slight chance we would run into each other.

It hadn't happened so far but I'm not one for giving up hope.

Today was another unlucky day though, we had just finished our meeting which was something about new music video ideas.

'Come on mate, how about we cheer you up with a cheeky Nandos?' Liam asked.

'Yeah, why not eh?' I agreed it's not like there was any point waiting around here only to be disappointed again.

We all signed out of the visitors book in the reception of the building and as I was going to put the pen down someone else reached for it. A girls hand with long black nails.

I looked up and immediately my heart started racing. It was her. Ariana. Ariana was stood in front of me, in the flesh after a year.

As soon as she saw me her face dropped which was quite the opposite of mine.

'Sorry' she said and looked down.

'No problem.' I smiled and handed her the pen. She took it and quickly signed her name then walked into the building and left me stood there looking after her like a lost puppy. I could hear Louis talking about how I need to grow up behind me to Niall but I couldn't care. I had seen her and she hadn't shouted or thrown anything at me.

That, in my eyes, was a huge accomplishment.

-Ariana's POV!!-

Holy shit that was awkward. I knew I should've taken the long way round but oh no, I like to be early for everything.

If only I was 2 minutes later I wouldn't have run into him there.


I had missed him. His curly brown hair, his cheeky wonky smile and his deep green eyes looking down at me.

Those eyes. It seems like I'd seen them only a few days ago not a year.

Trevor's eyes. That's it. That's who Trevor reminded me of! It was Harry!

Well that's that sorted. I'm not calling him again. Why is it that Harry has to
come in and ruin anything that could possibly be good in my life?

Trevor was so sweet and kind and funny but now whenever I think of him I think of Harry.

'Ariana?' I snapped out of my thoughts quickly.


'They're ready to see you now'

'Thank you' I smiled and stood up to walk into room 20.

In the room was Sean, Kelly, Emma and Simon. Wow this must be important.

'Please take a seat Ariana' I did as they said. 'Listen, as you know the VMA's are coming up soon and you have been nominated for quite a few awards this year' Kelly said.

I smiled and nodded having no idea where this was headed.

'We thought it would be appropriate to let you know that One Direction will be presenting one of the awards you are nominated for and currently winning. Because of your history with one of the members and your recent interviews in which he has been mentioned a lot of people seem to think there is some sort of argument going on between you two and there is some tension.' Sean added.


'Well that doesn't look good for you or for the band and if they do present you with this award then we don't want bad publicity' Emma said.

'I don't quite understand what you're trying to say to me?' I replied.

'Basically you and Harry Styles need to sort out whatever's going on between you two. Whether you just follow him on Twitter or you get back together. Whatever it is, the media and the public need to see you're on good terms.' Simon hastily responded.

'I..I don't think I can do that' I said my stomach dropping inside of me.

'I'm sorry but I'm afraid you're going to have to. It's the best for everyone's careers'

'But it's not best for me.'

'Ok Ariana, you do whatever you want but remember we make stars here and we know how the industry works so if you want to hold a grudge and put your career on the line then go ahead you do that. But I would seriously consider what we have said to you today. You're talented. We don't want to lose you.'

'Ok, goodbye' I stood up and walked out of the room.

I signed myself out and walked quickly to my car. I drove home as fast as I could and I called Frankie. Frankie always knew what to do.

'I don't know what you should do' Frankie said down the phone.

'What? You're meant to be the one person who knows everything.' I shouted at him.

'I know but the truth of the matter is you still have some feelings for Harry, obviously you do. And if you do follow him and start messaging and become 'friends' again then your feelings are only going to grow for him. It's up to you whether you want to take the risk or not. Either you're gonna get hurt or your career is and it's completely up to you. All I would say is that maybe what you think is bad for you could actually turn out to be what's best for you.'

'What do you mean? Do you mean Harry being bad for me or losing my career being bad for me?'

'Sorry, foods here gotta go. Just think about what I've said. Bye love you'

'You're a dick, love you' I said before ending the call.

Could Frankie be right? Could Harry actually end up being good for me?

No. Of course not. He broke my heart. He's nothing but a player and a womaniser. He played me. I'm so over him.

But maybe, I mean for the sake of my career, I should just follow him? Just so people think we are ok, even though we totally aren't. But I mean it gets me out of trouble, right?

I followed him.

Shit I've done it.

Well there's no going back now.

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