I sat the whole day solving the puzzle. I need to work on it as early as possible. I will get crazy if I drag it more. Kate is also not at home so I locked the door and stepped into fresh air. It was snowing but not heavily. I always heard that London is busy. But here in the corner streets of London it was so pleasant and lonely. These houses were old, built with  red bricks. I wonder how Kate is living here alone without any companion. She is so simple and elegant. She is an independent beautiful lady.

The last night kiss was still on my lips. Her soft pink lips made me crazy. Her lips were so delicate as if she was just kissed for the first time. If it’s her first kiss then I am so delightful to give her. I caught smiling unknowingly and everybody was staring at me. But still she didn’t talk about it last night or morning. She was in her usual mood but I guarantee that she felt something when I kissed her.

The first time I laid my eyes on her, I knew I wanted her forever. But I know it can’t happen and she won’t accept me for what I am. The way she smile and laugh, the way she looks at me, I don’t know why I shouldn’t love her. All these years I waited for my soul mate but I now when I knew she is my soul mate I don’t want her to be in trouble.

I passed the streets and came to city. I can see that love is in air. Valentine’s Day was day after tomorrow. There is red color everywhere. Every shop is filled with couples to buy gifts. They were happy and enjoying the shopping. Then it hit, why I can’t buy something for her. I began my search but I wasn’t sure what I have to buy for her. She wears a simple jewelry, sweet perfume and casual dresses. I even don’t know what looks best for her.

Time passed away searching a gift for her, when I finally spotted her. She was along with Shelly. They were having fun. Shelly was trying lots of dresses and Kate was advising her. I saw Kate wandering the shop seeing all the dress. I waited until they exited and entered that shop. There I found the perfect gift for her.



“It’s too green,”

“It’s too red,”

“It’s okay,”


“C’mon Kate. I tried every dress in this shop and you don’t even think anything suits me?” she frowned.

I went to her and whispered in her ears,

“Darling I think you need to try another shop, nothing makes you sexy indeed,” I said it so seductively that we giggled.

People stared at us so before they threw us out we came out.

We started walking towards every shop and tested every dress. Finally we came to the mall. The mall was huge with all glass panels. The shops were full loaded and red color was everywhere. There were red color balloons, heart shaped balloons and stuffs. Everything seemed so romantic. Truly, love was in the air. The mall was crowded with lovers and couples. They say love has no age bars. It’s true, even the Senior citizen were shopping gifts for their partners. I never urged to buy gifts on this day. This day meant nothing for me until I met Alex. Somewhere in my heart says to buy him a gift but my mind says no, he is just a stranger.

I was thinking what to do when Shelly dragged to one of the boutique. We went inside and it was fabulous. There were dresses hanging on the glass windows. There were different types of dresses. I normally don’t like shopping and Shelly makes me feel them. But here it was like a heaven. Shelly smiled at me and went inside in trailer room to change into different dresses. I sat near to the room and waited for her.

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