Chapter 1: First Day

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Dear Diary,
So I start school tomorrow. I hope it's not too bad. I don't know anyone here yet, we've only been here a couple weeks and I've been too scared to go out and explore.
I've almost gotten everything unpacked and organized into my dressers and selves and I've almost gotten all my clothes into my closet. I just have one more suitcase to go through and then I'm all done.

Closing up my diary and placing it on my bed and continued to unpack the last suitcase I had. One by one I took stuff out of the suitcase and placed them in the general area of where I wanted them to go. I would organized them later. Right now I just wanted the suitcase gone.

Within half an hour I was finished unpacking and I decided to take a break. I took out the book that I've been reading for awhile. I got so into the book that I didn't hear my mom calling me.

"Charlie, I've been calling you for 10 minutes." my mom said walking into my room

"Sorry I was reading" I told her

"Dinner is ready. We are all waiting for you" she said leaving my door open and heading back downstairs. Marking my page I put my book down and followed my mom to the kitchen.

All throughout dinner my parents kept talking about the school that my younger brother Austin and I were attending and how were going to have a 'great' time there. Honestly I was scared. I was just so worried about meeting new people, I've always been the shy girl that doesn't talk to many people and I want to change that but I don't know how. Now my brother on the other hand he is so outgoing he always becomes one of the "populars".

After dinner I went upstairs and finished putting away all my clothes before taking a shower and getting ready to sleep. I got all snuggled up in my bed before drifting off to sleep.

~Next Day~
I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. Groaning I rolled over feeling around the find my phone so that I could turn it off. Slowly I got out bed and headed to the bathroom to get ready.

After I was ready I grabbed my school bag and headed downstairs for breakfast. I decided on just having a small bowl of cereal. Once I finished eating I went upstairs to brush my teeth before heading to the car.

When I got to school I said goodbye to my mom and I made my way to the office. I had to dodge some people on the way but for the most part I haven't gotten lost yet.

"Hi. I'm Charlotte" I said once the secretary notice me "I'm new here"

She typed a few things into her computer before she looked up at me "Yes, Charlotte just one moment I'll print off your schedule and give you your locker number." she told me clicking a few things before getting up and getting the piece of paper from the printer. She wrote what I assume is my locker number on the paper before giving it to me.

I looked at the sheet to see what my courses were before saying "Thank you" and turning on my head to look for my locker.

"476...475...474...473...472...471" I said counting the lockers until I found mine. Most people were already in class already so I didn't have to worry about getting in anybody's way.

I put all my binders and extra pencils, highlighters, and pens before grabbing what I needed for first period. I shut my locker and put my lock on it before turning and looking for my first period class.

"322...324...326..." I looked down for a second to look down at my paper to double check the room and while my head was down I didn't notice someone walking in my direction and I was walked head first into someone's chest causing me to drop my books.

"I'm so sorry" I heard the person say

"No it's my fault I wasn't looking where I was going" I said looking up and see the most amazing light brown eyes.

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