True love (Dirty Imagine Telling You Now!!!!)

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(Flash Back #2)
It was our first time. I could feel his heart beating so fast, gently touching his chest slowly and then putting my arms around him feeling our skin touch. We gently fall on the bed him on top of me while he sides it inside of me. He hovers above me, both arms beside me lifting his head up, and biting his lip periodically to the pleasure of him inside me. He starts to pump faster and faster after knowing I've adjusted to his size and he could go deeper, making me moan his name. He whispers in my ear quietly "Say my name baby. I want you to cum all over it". He starts to pound me deeper and deeper lifting my legs on each side of his neck. He bites his lip saying "I'm cumming baby." Breathing really hard. As he was cumming I was too. When we were done he just laid beside me.

He sits up on his side and looks down at me "I'm so in love with you." He says grinning.

"I love you too baby" I say back. Lifting my body up to kiss him on his lips.

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