“Say what?”

“You’re so oblivious to what happens around you, you know that?”

“Yeah, I must be living under a rock.”

Things were so awkward. I hate awkward moments – especially with Allie. It’s just so… awkward.

“Charlie doesn’t like me.” I stated. He just couldn’t. We’ve always been best friends. I couldn’t imagine my life without him; he’s always been there for me. I love him – just like I’m sure he loves me. But in love with me? No way.

“Yes he does.” I love many things about Allie – she’s down to earth, she believes in natural beauty, the fact that she will tell you if you look fat in that dress and that she’s never jealous. Even now, she’s not jealous of me, she pity’s herself.

“Did he tell you that?”

“He doesn’t have to!”

“AHA!” I accused, “See, you have no proof! I rest my case.”

“You rest your case?”

“Yeah, isn’t that what they say in movies?”


“So, you’re going to help me, get Charlie to like me?” Allie asked, trying her best to hide her excitement. Epic fail.

“Why not? You guys would be really cute together.”

“Really? You think so?”

“Yeah.” We talked a little more – well, Allie did all the talking – soon, I found myself feeling a little concerned.

Ever since I promised Allie I’d help her to get Charlie to fall for her, I had this worried feeling at the back of my mind.

If my two best friends went out…and broke up…what would happen then?

Charlie or Allie?

I’d have to choose.

“Hey,” Allie hit the back of my hand – making me jump up, “You ok?”

“Yeah, yeah, I was just out of it for a moment.” I sheepishly replied.

“I noticed, you looked really anxious.”

I faked dumb – God I hated doing this – “Really? Hahaha”

“Yeah, anyway, my mum just called, she wants me back before dinner.”

I looked at my phone to check the time – because I’m just too cool for a watch.

“Oh crap! It’s late, I need to go too!” I quickly gave her a hug goodbye and left the shopping centre.


“Curse you, public transport.” I muttered when I realized the next bus would be in forty-seven minutes.

These days I felt really pathetic and I hated it.

If I wasn’t wearing my school uniform, didn’t have my heavy bag and it wasn’t freezing cold, I would easily sprint all the way home.

Thunder struck.

Yeah, no, I’m not sprinting.

Instead, I searched through my bag and got out my red umbrella.

Time to walk.


Seventeen minutes later, I’ve almost reached my street. As I pass the local shops and cafes, I see people drinking and dining out, others walking their dogs and a nice, comforting music playing in the nightlife atmosphere.

I wasn’t really watching where I was going so I quickly apologized when I bumped into someone.

And then I saw who it was.

Tension overwhelmed me.




Once upon a time, when a sweet little naïve girl fell for a cold hearted player, she became involved with his entire group – the kind of group you’d hate to have as your enemy.  

The cold hearted player has a best friend, his name is André.

“What a pleasure, seeing you this evening.” I almost forgot how his voice had sounded like. The moment he had said my name in his strong French accent, it was like all the memories were replayed right before my eyes.

“I wish I could say the same for you.”

He smirked, “Aah, you haven’t changed a bit, except of course – you are more beautiful.”

“Save the sweet talk, I have places to be so if you just excuse me-” André gripped my arm, but I wasn’t scared. André wouldn’t do anything unless his best friend – the leader – gave permission to do so.

“Now, now Chloé, leaving so soon?”

“Why not? It’s not like I’d want to have a cup of coffee and talk about all the things happening with me since I last saw you.”

“Such a same, C, we used to be so close.”

“Yes,” I pulled my arm away, this time, André didn’t hold me back. “We used to be.”

I looked into his dark eyes once more, remembering the times I thought of them as warm, “Goodbye André.”

“Bonne nuit [Goodnight], Chloé, I’m sure Ashton would also love to see you again. In fact, don’t be too surprised if you see him anytime soon.”


I have a physics test tomorrow :S
I am so scared :|

Yesterday I got a B on my Legal outcome, when I get home, I run to my mum and tell her…
The first thing she says is, “So, who got an A?”

You think Asian parents are strict? Wait till you meet Persian parents. Until then, you’ve seen nothing yet!

COTTEEE ME! <3      

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