1.The Plan

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Juliet's POV:

Things Were Pretty Hectic At Work. I Barely Have Time To Breathe. Hi My Name's Juliet Mathews And I Work For Gothams Finest Bank. I'm 23 And I Have Straight Brown Hair And Dark  Brown Eyes.

"Hey Juliet, Boss Is Asking For Ya." Said My Co Worker Kate As She Walked Past Me.

Okie Dokie.

This Better Be Worth My Time. I Muttered As I Opened The Door To My Boss's Office.

"Hey Sugar Tuts, How Would You Like To Accompany Me To Bruce Wayne's Party Tomorrow Night It'll Be Fun?" My Boss Charlie Gave A Wink.

Well I Don't Know, I'd Have To Check My Schedule. You Know, Instead Of Hitting On Me, Don't You Have Better Things To Do? I Crossed My Arms.

"Is That A Maybe?" He Smirked.

In Your Dreams.

"Hey A Man Can Dream." He Shouted As I Walked Out.

As I Was Walking Out I Noticed Men With Clown Masks Coming In With Guns.


I Quickly Walked Back To Charlie's Office. Charlie We're Getting Robbed. I Stuttered.

"Shit." He Got Out A Shot Gun From Under His Desk.

I Walked Back Out And Hid Behind A Desk Like Everyone Else Was.

"Hello Everyone, If You Don't Mind I'm Here To Make A Withdraw." A Man Shouted As He Shot In The Air. He Had A Clown Mask And Wore A Long Purple Coat.

"Tie Em Up." He Shouted To His Men.

Each Of Them Had Different Expressions On Their Masks.

They Began To Get Everyone.

I Saw His Men Quickly Tie Up Everyone's Hands.

The Leader Saw Me And Grabbed My Arm And Sat Me With The Rest. He Took A Cord And Started To Tie Up My Hands. He Wore Purple Gloves. I Felt His Cold Eyes Staring At Me The Whole Time. I Was Nervous And Speechless.

He Whispered In My Ear "It's The Scars Isn't It?" The t Slowly Slid Of His Tongue.

He Gave One Last Look At Me Then Began To Walk To The Middle Of The Room.

"You Know The Drill Boys." He Shouted As His Men Took Off To The Vault.

He Stood There With His Shot Gun Watching Every Single One Of Us.

Where's Charlie? I Thought.

I Looked At His Office Door And Saw He Was Already Aiming At Him.


He Shot But Missed.

The Leader Hid Behind A Desk And Charlie Slowly Walked Closer To Him.

Charlie Shot And Shot But Failed. The Leader Kept Moving.

When Charlie Was About To Reload, He Shot Back At Charlie And Hit Him Right In The Shoulder.

Charlie's Body Slowly Hit The Ground. I Flinched At How His Body Just Dropped On The Floor.

He Slowly Started Walking Towards Charlie.

"You Think Your Smart Huh? Look At You, What Do You Believe In, What Do You Believe In!" Screamed Out Charlie.

He Covered Charlie's Mouth With A Rag.

"I Think What Doesn't Kill You Simply Makes You....Stranger." He Muttered As He Took Of His Mask. White War Paint Covered His Face, Black Rimmed Paint Covered Around His Eyes And He Had Scars Connected To His Lip. Which Was Covered With Red Paint. His Hair Was A Dirty Blonde With A Touch Of Green Dye.

The Joker.

Only 1 Of This Men Brought Bags Of Money. I Wonder Where Are The Rest Of His Men.

Joker Walked Towards Him Staring At All The Bags Of Money.

He Looked Back Up At The Man And Shot At Him.

Suddenly A Bus Crashes Through The Wall.

The Joker Looked At The Rest Of Us And Landed His Eyes On Me. He Gave Me A Small Smirk And Got On The Bus.

That Was The Last I Saw Of The Clown.

*Hours Later*

"Juliet Could You Describe What The Robbers Looked Like." Gordon Asked.

They Were Um Wearing Masks. I Mumbled. I Couldn't See Their Faces.

I Couldn't Think Straight Anymore.

"The Joker Left A Card In The Vault, He Was In This Whole Operation Correct?" Gordon Asked Writing In His NotePad.

I Nodded Staring At The Wall Lost In My Thoughts.

I Couldn't Get His Scars Out Of My Mind.

They Were Almost...Beautiful.

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