#Imagine with Harry Styles (jealous)

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#IMAGINE FOR NEHA!!! Ok peeps!!

You and Harry were at the amusement park. You walk past a cotton candy stall. "Harry!! Can we please get cotton candy?" You give him the puppy dog eyes until he says yes. You do a happy dance and he walks over to the stall laughing. You sit down on a bench and wait. A guy who had to be 26 walks by and sits down next to you. You get a little uncomfortable but you are already at the end of the bench. "Hey sweet thang." He says and puts his arm behind you. You look at him out of corner of your eye and say quietly, "Hello."

He scoots closer and you can smell a unpleasant smell. He puts his hand on your upper thigh. You push it off and he just puts it back on. "Hey!" You hear. You look up at Harry thankfully. You hurry and stand up. You try to go to Harry but the guy grabs your hand. Harry squeezes the cotton candy in his hands and says, "Let go of my girlfriend."

The guy looks at Harry for a second then lets go. You hurry to Harry's side. "If you ever touch her again.." he leaves the threat unfinished but fear shows in the other guy's eyes. He hurry and leaves. Harry turns to you and roughly kisses you. "Sorry I don't share." He says smiling and you two walk away

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