Kyoya Ootori x Reader Lemon

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It was the start of a new semester at Ouran High, and you were the new student who had just stumbled through the wide doors with curious eyes. Your eyes danced from location to location absorbing the sights and people you saw. You held your bag tightly against your side with one hand and your notebook against your chest with the other.  You tried not to play too much the the bottom of your dress seeing how uncomfortable it felt against your body. You regretted staying quiet when the tailor asked for your opinion. One of the many cons of being too anxious to interact with others.  The students all around you were talking and laughing making you feel a bit lonely. You didn't care much for being around people, just not having someone close to be open with. Your eyes darted from room to room to try and find a quiet spot for yourself for a bit before classes started.

You climbed the stairs and came face to face with Music Room #3. You didn't hear any instruments or sounds so you figured it was empty. You let down your bag and grasped the handle gently opening it to reveal several attractive boys goofing around and someone who you figured was an obvious girl. You took in their appearances and realized they were staring back at you. A small blush arose on your cheeks as the tall blonde towered over you looking at you with dreamy eyes. His fingers lifted your chin to raise your head. His touch was gentle and soft, like a newborns skin. "Hello there my princess, what might your name be?" At this point everyone was waiting in anticipation for your answer. "Oh it's um (Y/N)," you answered in a small voice. He continued to shine his smile towards you and soon he lead you further inside before you could grab your bag. Your notebook fell out of your hands and landed on an open page.

You didn't even realize as the boys showered you in questions continually, especially the one named Tamaki. The only one who remained quiet was the intimidating looking one in the back with his face stuffed in a black notebook. You took a second look at him and realized that the notebook he was snooping through was yours. Your faced turned beet red at the thought of what he might have seen. That notebook contained your most inner thoughts and observations. It contained all sides of you, the shy side, the tough and dark side, and indeed the freaky side.

You pushed aside the blonde without any realization and snatched your notebook from his hands. You lowered your head in shame before apologizing plentiful of times to them. They assured you it was alright and then continued to bombard you with questions of what's inside that made you so embarrassed. The one named Kyoyo stood in the back and occasionally gave you a small smirk.

You sat across from them on the soft velvet couch and wondered if this entire school was just as luxurious as this one room. They placed strawberry cake and your favorite type of tea in front of you as if to indicate they wouldn't let you leave anytime soon. You took a sip of the tea as it took over your taste buds and accidentally let out a delighted moan. The obvious female smiled warmly in thanks for the tea and after a long morning you bid them farewell. Maybe this school wasn't so bad after all, you thought kids would only use you to get in close with your wealthy parents but that wasn't the case at all with that bunch.

After a long and exhausting day of stuffing your face in your notebook and taking page long notes you felt completed. It was after school now and you thought about going to see the people you met that morning. They made you feel like being more adventurous and it excited you to the point where you decided to put your pride aside and climb those stairs. You took a deep breath for a minute or so to calm your nerves. Though those books never really helped much, you would always be trembling with fear and your mind would always be clouded with worry at the sight of someone else.

You felt like a nice bath would be a better idea now and turned back on your heel to go downstairs. As your reached the staircase the creak of a door was heard and you looked back from your shoulder to come face the boy who was sneaking through your notebook earlier. You referred to him as snoopy the snoop in your head, it made you laugh when you compared that name to his image. You didn't even notice the small smile playing at his lips until he made a move. "(Y/N), how unexpected to see you here," he spoke smoothly. You thought of his nickname and accidentally let out an unladylike snort. He raised an eyebrow and headed towards you menacingly, well at least in your eyes.

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