Chapter 3

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(Grace's POV)

As we emerged from the portal we ended up in what looked like a woods but it was snowing. I was so glad we were both a least wearing jackets, we started to trudge through the snow. The pine trees were beautiful covered in snow it looked like a winter wonderland.

"Where do you think we are?" asked Jennie breaking the silence

"I'm not sure to be honest" I said distantly

"Grace are you ok you" she replied

"I'm fine it's just... this looks place vaguely familiar"

"Weird...First you get a huge headache from reading that mumbo jumbo and now you some how recognize this place" 

I don't answer still thinking about that strange person. It was just...weird it seemed like I knew them and yet had not seen this person's face at all.

"And you know what else how come that lady back there looked like you because it seems like that the window was probably a hundred years old you know what mean right Grace...Grace...GRACE!" She shouted snapping me out of my trance state

"Yeah, right... Weird" I say still thinking

"Are positively sure you are ok?" She asked with uncertainty

Before I could answer we saw a huge castle just up ahead. It looked very strange in this peaceful environment, as we kept walking we both had the bad feeling that was probably were that dark person lived there.

"Jennie do you have the feeling we are being watched?" I asked nervous

"A little bit,she replied,but I'm sure it's no...."

"Umm Jennie what's wrong?" I asked wondering why she stopped

As I turned around I saw the most ugliest thing in the world I looked like a deformed gargoyle. The one next to it was holding Jennie captive a hand over her mouth. The next thing I knew I was running for dear life both gargoyles right above me. I turned around to see if they were still following me and sure enough they were.

"Grace look out!!" I heard Jennie yell

Before it could turn around I hit a giant boulder square on the head. I tried to keep running but the impact from the boulder made it almost impossible to move. I tried to run but sure enough the empty handed one got me. The things carried me and Jennie straight towards the castle and I knew we were both doomed. As we entered the castle, we entered this room that kind of looked like a living room but the style seemed almost Austrian. There was a huge fire place and chair in front of it.

"We have the prisoners sir" said one of the gargoyles

"They are not prisoners, they are in fact guests" said the person on the chair

"Hey weirdo can you have these talking boulders let us go" yelled Jennie

"Jennie... don't be disrespectful" I whispered

I could tell Jennie was going to give him smart mouth. Before she could say anything the man in the chair got up and faced us, he  had a slightly thin face,jet black hair in a small ponytail. I think Jennie realised this was the guy who strangled her.

"Hey ponytail!" She yelled

"Don't talk to me that way human trash!" He shouted in a thick Transylvanian accent

"Hey!" I shouted they both looked at me

"Is this really necessary fighting like children Jennie apologize to this man now!"

"But, he almost killed me and..."

"Jennie NOW!" I said sternly

She looked a puppy who had just been scolded.

"Fine I'm sssss...sorry" she said ashamed

"Ok good, now sir I think you owe my friend an apology please"

He did nothing he just stood there in awe I think it was because I had handled Jennie so well, Then he finally spoke.

" I owe no one an apology in fact I believe you owe me an apology Elizabeth" he said smugly

"Who on earth is Elizabeth?"I asked puzzled

"That is you my dear you are Elizabeth"

"No my name is Grace and I have never seen you in my life" I replied

"You may not remember me yet but will soon, probably at the masked ball tonight I look forward to seeing both of you there ladies"

And with that he walked out of the room, Leaving me and Jennie stunned.

"The heck did he mean remember why did he call you Elizabeth" wondered Jennie aloud

"I don't know Jennie....I just don't know" I said quietly

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