Sir, We Have A Problem.

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"How do you feel about going to Chipotle for dinner?" I said sitting on my desk, as Daniel graded papers, he looked up from his work and smiled at me.

" That sounds good, whats for dessert?" He said standing up and stood infront of his desk leaning back. I looked as his eyes roam over my body, I bit my lip and winked at him.

" Thats later tonight, but I better go to class lunch is almost over." I said hopping off my desk and kissed his cheek. I picked up my bag and walked towards the door, I turned around one last time and winked at him. The door opened and I see a woman dressed in black pencil skirt and a blue blazer walks in with her blonde hair around her shoulders. I heard a gasp behind me, I look at the woman who has a smile on her face , then at Daniel.


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