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After the first highly praised book requested a sequel, I went along with it! So here it is guys, the sequel to ~Angels Can't Die~!
Reader's Inserts:
(Y/n): Your name
(L/n): Last name
(S/n): Shinki name
(S/c): Skin color
(H/c): Hair color
(H/l): Hair length
(E/c): Eye color
(F/c): Favorite color
Etc. Several other inserts could be added, so be on the look out for them!
Warning: I do not own any aspects of Noragami, including any of the characters. Every Noragami aspect of this story belongs to the creator, Adachi Toka. I only own the characters of Medusa and Sohe, and you of course, own yourself ( ^ω^)
2nd Warning:
I do not own any of the media art including the cover. All credit goes to the rightful artists that created them.
**Expect updates for this story every five days. (*˘︶˘*)
And thats it! Have fun lol - Drama Typhoon

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