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"I don't know Nash. I feel like Madison is doing great without me, but I'm the one who dumped her. I feel like a complete idiot."
"Well, you did this too yourself. Madison loved you, and you should've trusted her." Nash said adding his thoughts.
"I know. You're right."
"This all your fault, dude. But if it wasn't for Matt, you would've have known the truth anyway. You know how he always puts his family first. You should be lucky he even told you what really happened."
"He should've told me regardless. He's our best friends-I can't believe this."
"Dude, you need to relax, and go talk to her."
"Yeah, maybe I should."

After dropping Nash home, I  arrived to Madison's house, with a special gift I've been planning for her. I was saving it for a left time in our relationship, but it's now or never. I was pretty anxious to knock on the door, not knowing if her own mother would reject me or not. But again, it was now ir never.

"Cameron? What a wonderful surprise! How have you been?"

"I've been great ma'am. How's Madison? Is she here?"

"Yes, she's doing well. She's actually upstairs with her--"

"New boyfriend?"
"New boyfriend? Wait just a sec, yo mean to tell me that you two are-
"Yeah." I says looking down. Just to make sure there weren't any tears.
"Oh, Cameron," she said giving me a big hug. "I am so sorry. What happened?"
"I betrayed her, I broke her trust, and I didn't believe in her. Everything was my fault."
"Cameron, you're such a sweet boy. I'll talk to her later."
"And can you give her this while you're at it?" I said giving her the box.

"I sure will Cameron. Thanks for stopping by." Mrs. Walters said closing the door.

The guys were right, I am a coward. Big all I wanted was my Madison back.


Jack and I were in my room studying on this perfect Saturday afternoon. It was just as perfect as us. I couldn't deny that I did miss Cam, but it was fun having something new to do.

"So Madison, if I actually do well on this test, I wanna take you out on a real date, without Matt, and with my dad's terrible car--which I have to use for now."

"Jack, real dates isn't what matters to me, as long as I have you in my presence." I said kissing his cheek.

"You make me smile, Madison."

"You make me laugh, Jack."

There he was again, about to slowly swoop in to plant one on me. I couldn't resist it, I began to lean in as well...

--"Madison?" Mom said knocking on the door.

"What Mom? I'm busy." I said rolling my eyes.

"I know dear, but you have a special package." She said giving me a box. It was from Cameron.

"Who's it from Mads?" Jack asked concerned.

"Trust me, nobody important." I said tossing the package on the other side of the room. "What's important is you."

After the study session, we drove back to Jack's house. Matt was leaving today. We both had to say our goodbyes.

"Matt, I'm gonna miss you so much, we so have to FaceTime everyday."

"Duh girlfriend!" He said in his best female impression. "I know I only left a couple weeks ago, but this time, it's real. I'm staying in New York and I'm not sure I can handle not seeing you guys everyday."

"Well, how did you handle it before?"

"Because I knew I was coming back to see you guys." He said. I paused for a minute. There was no way I could add on to that. "But now, I'm gonna be super busy and packed with a whole new schedule, but I'll definitely add time for our FaceTimes. You're the best female friend I've ever had."

"I love you too Matt." I said giving him another hug.

"Helping him load his luggage in his car, I saw another car entering the driveway. It was Cam and the guys. Dang, talk about awkward.

"Dude, we heard you were leaving, we had to come and say goodbye." Cameron said giving him a hug.

"I'm gonna missy you bud." Nash said giving him a fist pound.

"Stay safe out there man." Carter said, giving him a handshake.
"Woah, no hug? I'm shocked." Matt said laughing.

After that, I couldn't hear what they were talking about anymore, but I sure wish I did.
As Jack, and the guys, and myself was waving goodbye to Matt as he droved off, I had to get to the boys before they left.

"Nash, what did Matt tell you and Carter?"

"That'll We'll always be his bros, and to keep in touch, and gave us $50. He reminds me of my Uncle Laine." He said walking off. Okay, very unimportant.

"Later Nash, but because Cam and I are no more, are we still friends?" I said but he could walk too far away.

"I don't know Mads, Cam's my best friend, and I know for sure he still wants you back, but until you make the right decision, for now, it's 'later'."

Was that it? It was either all my friends or Jack? What a decision
Dear Madison,
I really like you, but...
"Just forget it." I said crumbling the paper. "There's no way I can just dump her without giving her a reason."
Besides I just got her, I can't lose her again. But I have to. But I know she'll hate my guys.
I I finally got home, and all I wanted to do is take a nice bubble bath, and head to bed.
"Madison," Mom said scaring me, "We need to talk."
"About what?"
"How dare you break poor Cameron's heart? That boy loved you-
"And Dad loved you. How could you had left him?"
"Madison, don't make this about me. And to make matter's worse, Cameron bought you a lovely gift, that you just tossed to the other side of your bed."
"I'm with Jack now, deal with it."
~Author's Note
Madison has gotten pretty feisty since before. But Jack plans to break poor Madison's heart after he finally won her over. Are you still #TeamCam or #TeamJack ?
Thanks for reading. I've been very busy with a lot of summer work. I posted the first fanfic everyday a new chapter. But now, it feels like once a week. I'm really sorry guys. But I'm trying to post as soon as I can.

But Who thinks they knows what the gift was from Cam?
#QOTC! How old were you when you got your first phone? I believe I was 11, but it was given with responsibility. It was those old prepaid phones 😁

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