Numbers.. and Unmentionables.

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---Harry's POV---

"Hello" she smiled softly as she spoke... hmmm different reaction than I expected.

"You're not gonna scream?" I asked her. She smiled and shook her head. "Do you know who I am?" I asked.

"Of course I know who you are." she smiled. Okay, she knew who I was.. but wasn't 'fangirling' like the others? She must not be a fan... I was studying her facial features, when she stuck out her hand.

"I'm Emily Olsen" she said softly, her eyes not leaving mine for a second. I reached over and shook her hand softly. 

"Hello, Emily Olsen. May I ask, why are you not freaking out?" I asked her. Still wanting to know why she wasn't trying to get my autograph, a picture, or even my beanie.... Many girls would try to rip the hat off my head just to say they had Harry Styles' beanie. 

"Do you have a gun?" She bluntly asked. This threw me off. My eyes widened at her question.

"What?! no, of course not" 

"Then there is no need for me to 'freak out' then is there?" She smiled at her answer. I gave out a small laugh. "besides... I honestly don't really know what to say... I mean, Harry Styles is in front of me... what's the protocol for this... Faint? scream? cry? Not really sure." I laughed at that.

The bus had stopped at a corner. "this is my stop" she said as she tried lifting the big basket. How she managed to carry it onto the bus itself was a mystery. She got up and wobbled her way down the aisle. Come on Harry, I thought to myself,  you have to help her. Get up.. get up...GET UP YOU FOOL! With that, I shot up, and walked towards her. She was about to drop the basket, when I caught it with my arms. She smiled at me, giving me a silent thank you. 

"Have a nice day sir," she waved towards the bus driver. He nodded and went on his way. Emily pulled her coat closer to her body. It was freezing, I must admit.

After buttoning her jacket, she reached over for the basket. I handed it to her, letting go of it. However, she didn't have a firm grip on it. The basket came tumbling down towards the floor. Clothes scattered everywhere, jeans, shirts, everything. We split up and attempted to pick everything up. We were almost done when I came upon... a red thong. 

"These yours?"

---Emily's POV---

"These yours?" He smirked, holding up my underwear with his pointing finger. OH. MY. GOD!!! I'm pretty sure I could melt snow with how heated my cheeks had become, I must have been blushing a scarlet red. 

"Thank you," I snatched up the article of clothing, tucking it into my pocket. We picked up all the other clothes in a matter of seconds. After we had everything back in the basket, I stuck out my hand towards Harry. "It was nice meeting you Mr. Styles." he shook my hand as he chuckled.

"Harry, call me Harry." He was a very handsome man. His jaw line was so sharp, his green eyes were so... beautiful. His lips... Remember Brandon you idiot. My mind snapped back  to the real world... Oh yeah, Brandon. 

I picked up the basket and began walking towards the direction of my flat. I had walked a few feet away, when I heard snow crunching behind me... he was following me. I turned to face him. Wow, I didn't know he was walking so close behind. When I completely turned, our faces were basically an inch apart. Wow. He smiled flirtatiously down at me. 

"Emily, I was wondering... could I see you again sometime?" My body wanted to say yes, shit, a piece of my heart wanted to say yes... but my brain, and the other piece of my heart was telling me to remember about Brandon... my boyfriend of 7 years. 

"Ummm... I-I " I couldn't get the words out! His eyes, they were hypnotizing me. 

"What's wrong? Do you have some kind of buff boyfriend waiting for you at home?" He chuckled looking around. Pretending that he was being watched. 

"Actually... He's not too buff.. and he's not waiting for me.. he's with friends" I looked down at the clothes that were in my basket. I didn't want to look him in the eyes. 

"...oh.. well... You could always need a new friend. What about that?" I smiled at him and nodded my head. I didn't really have much friends here. I was either too busy at school, work, or volunteering. Brandon was my only friend... but he didn't count.. he was my boyfriend. "Where's your phone?" He asked me.

"My coat pocket" I moved to the side, giving him access to reaching into my pocket, since I had this big basket in my arms. He reached into my pocket, however, he didn't bring out my phone... He brought out my thong. Great! I blushed again, as he chuckled.

Reaching in again into my pocket, he brought out my phone. He opened it and sent himself a text. 

"There, now you have my number, and I, yours." he put my phone back into my pocket. "If you ever want to hang out, You can just text me.. I'll be there" 

"Thank you Harry, It was really a pleasure meeting you." I smiled. He gave me an awkward hug, awkward because he reached over the basket to hug me. We both laughed at our wierd attempt. I turned around and walked the opposite direction as he.

*at Emily's flat*

I had finally gotten back home. My flat was quiet. I guess Brandon hadn't gotten home yet. Walking towards the kitchen, I noticed a note on the fridge. It was from Brandon

I'm gonna be late home tonight. The boys and me wanted to go to the bar in celebration of Jake's new job. Don't wait up.

So I guess I was cooking for one today. Eh, maybe I'll order a pizza, or maybe go out myself. I was putting up the clothes into their proper drawers and closets. I reached into my pocket and realized...


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