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Two months later |Chris|

We're back! The cutest couple in magazines! But things have changed.. Too many people well..paparazzi,I feel like people are watching us..Carrie'a five months pregnant. She's doing great mood swings and everything. But we're just a happy family!

Carrie:*water breaks* CHRIS!


Carrie:*crying*Its to early!

We rushed her to the hospital and she immediately went to pushing..! After two hours she was done

Doctor:Umm..the baby is dead

Carrie:What? No no no this can't be happening I did everything right!

Doctor:I'm very sorry. *leaves*

Chris:I feel sorry

Carrie:Thank you

Chris:For what?

Carrie:Not looking happy!

Chris:Why would I. It was like my child..

Carrie:I love you

Chris:I love you to

After that I left for home we didn't have anybody to watch the kids so I had to go. She stayed at the hospital.


I was laying there watching a movie on Lifetime. Those movies is good.

Alyssa:*walks in* Hey!

Carrie:Thanks for bringing some food

Alyssa:No prob *hands me a bag*

She sat down and looked around like she knew something was going to happen.

Carrie:Whats wrong

Alyssa:*crys* HE'S COMING!

She ran out the room. WTF!!!

Diggy:*walks in* WHERE'S MY CHILD

Carrie:*shaking* She died

Diggy:You stupid BITCH!

He started to walk to me..he pushes me off the bed and got ontop of me.

Diggy:Your gonna make me another one

He started to take off his clothes and then he took off my gown. I couldn't move or speak. WTF! What's wrong with me? He sticked his little friend in I couldn't moan or anything all I could do was cry.


Something made me get ontop and ride him what was I doing! I heard something scream wake up! I finally screamed! Then I woke up.


Chris:*shaking Carrie* WAKE UP

Carrie:*wakes up crying*

She's be havin these dreams for two months! Ever since the baby died two months ago..she won't tell me what they're about.!

Chris:What are these dreams about?!

Carrie:I don't know.

She got up and got in the shower. Damn what's is up!


I love Chris. I wanna tell him but I just can't...

Two hours later

I went outside and sat on the step for some fresh air. I couldn't take these dreams! I saw someone running up to me and they stopped right infront of me!

??:Help me!

Carrie:Whats wrong little boy?


He passed out. Right there infront of me. What is happening. I screamed Chris's name.

Chris:What the hell?!

??:*wakes up* I'm better now

Then I woke up.


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