Is This Real?

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Bright streets. My first week in NYC has been a success. For all of you that don't know me I'm Angel Jackson! A new girl to the city. I'm from Virginia just graduated from VCU with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Communications. I'm a publicist, 20 years old & single! I'm a black woman who has my mind on my family, money, and living life like I've always wanted too. Enough about me lets get back to it

I just pulled up to my apartment after a long days work. Can't wait to go inside take a long hot shower and hit the sheets. Today was a good day! I connected with some people and hopefully will have my first client next week. But that's not the reason it was a good day...I saw this girl that I knew from my childhood, we were best friends, couldn't separate us for nothing that is until her family moved to New York and I moved with my and uncle in North Carolina. Our mothers were close friends, they worked together and we lived right next to each other she was a couple years older than me but that didn't matter to our friendship. She looked beautiful, her hair was cut short, beautiful skin, a smile that lit up the room. That's how I knew it was her by her smile. We were in the same cafe I was sitting and I heard her thick accent it drew me in it sounded like my special girl and when she turn around to smile I knew it was Cynthia. Yall may know her as Cyn Santana from Love and Hip Hop but to me she was my Cynthia, my star, my lady bug, my sister, my best friend! I stared for a while and she turned

around to look at me for a second but she didn't recognize me. I wonder if it's a place she goes often. I I didn't say anything to her though I was hoping she would know it's me. I'll just have to keep going back.

Woo Jesus what a long day! I had so many meetings today I haven't had time to just sit down and breathe for a little bit. Not even when I went to my favorite coffee shop! Oh shit where are my manners? Wassup yall it's your girl Cyn Santana! I feel like yall know enough shit about me already but if not here it goes! I'm Cyn, 22 years old a beautiful Latina woman mixed with Domincan and Salvodrian I live in NYC originally from Va! I have a boyfriend named Ray who is crazy not in a good way, I'm actually hoping he don't come over tonight but I'll get back to that later. But like I was saying earlier I couldn't even chill at my fav coffee shop for a minute to take in the people that walk through in the mornings. Although I saw this beautiful girl today who looked/felt oddly familiar. She was black, light skin, was slim thick, she had on this nice fitted gray dress it was professional yet very appealing on her and a blue blazer to go with it her hair was pulled back into a low curly bun. Idk who she was but she caught my eye and I've been trying to figure out who it was all day. I had never seen her in that shop before. Maybe she interviewed me for something? Whoever she is I hope she comes back.

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