Chapter 2

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(Jennie's POV)

"Oh my head" I moaned

The last thing I remembered was being lifted away from Grace and thrown against the wall. I never realised that being thrown against a wall could make a big migraine feel like a small annoyance. As I slowly opened my eyes I could see the window being used as a portal. I looked over to were I last saw Grace and I saw her but also a dark figure in what looked like a cloak.

"Hey! what do you think you doing mister" I asked the dark figure loudly

He looked at me and started towards me, having that, oh crap what have I done feeling the whole time.

"How dare you speak to me that way mortal scrum!" He said angry

"Uh who do you think you..." I stopped looked out of the corner of my eye and saw Grace waking up "Grace! Run for it this guys nuts"I yelled

(Grace's POV)

Well my headaches gone that's good I thought I slowly open my eyes and saw Jennie talking to this dark figure. She saw me told me to run, I tried but I was just so drained from the headache I could barely even stand. Then the dark figure walked away from Jennie towards me but before he could get to me Jennie was already in front protecting me.

"Back off creep!" She yelled

But he just picked her up by the neck and started choking her. He stood there silent, while Jennie was trying to gasp for air.

"Hey let her go jerk!, I screamed at him, What on earth do you want from us!"

He dropped Jeannie leaving her choking for air. I helped her up she was crying, What was weird was that I had never seen her cry before. After a little bit she calmed down I looked to where I seen the man last but he wasn't there. I Turned around towards the portal and saw him step inside his cape thing flowing all the while.

"Jennie are you alright?" I asked nervously

"Yeah,she said,but that jerk is not going to be when I get done with him!"

"Jennie no, your not going to kill him let's just get out of hear while we still can" I said pleading

But it was too late Jennie was already in front of the portal. I walked up to her in defeat knowing she had won this. She grabbed my hand and we walked through the portal together.

(Dracula's POV)

I walked through the portal to the human world for the first time in a hundred years. I looked around to see two girls one of them a blonde one who was near my beloved Elizabeth, Elizabeth looked as lovely as ever but she seemed to be in pain. The blonde one I picked up away from my bride and through her against the wall like the scrum she was. I heard Elizabeth yell what I assumed was the girls name and then she fainted I caught her just in time before she hit the floor. I gazed down at her although she was unconscious she still looked lovely, I layed her down gently. I was about to go kill the other one but she had already awoken. She stood up and spoke disrespectfully, I started towards and told her she should never speak to me that way. She turned and looked behind me and told Elizabeth to run but, called her "Grace" what, an awful name for her to be called. I walked towards Elizabeth but the blonde one was already in front of her tell me to "back off and called me a creep" that was when something snapped. I grabbed the blonde one by the neck slowly killing her. Then Elizabeth called me a "Jerk" which hit something inside I let go of the blonde one. Elizabeth helped her up and while the mortal was weeping I left knowing that vengeance can take over anyone even stupid mortals. So I left knowing they would be try to track me and I would wait until they came and confront them both.

"Mark my words Elizabeth will be mine once again!" I yelled In determination

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