Chapter 1

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I puffed out my cheeks angrily. The maid uniform I wore was your typical maid uniform; black, white, and frilly. Something I would never wear on my own terms. Too bad I didn't have my own terms anymore, because I was now a maid.

In my eyes I was a failure. I hadn't gone to university - even though my grades were great - and instead went straight to work. That was the worst decision I'd ever made because I was now a worthless maid who desperately needed money.

Sighing heavily, I tied the white lace on the back of my uniform into a bow. I just remembered the worst part of the job - the person I would be serving . The devil daughter, also known as Brianna the brat. Apparently the name suited her well because she was exactly that. A spoiled brat who was worshipped by her father, the rich landlord of Vienna. The same man who would pay me an incredible amount of money to take care of his devil daughter. I hoped she wouldn't be that bad.


"Coming sir!" I yelled back at Harry the butler.

He was a nice man who was helping me out on my first day at the mansion. I was glad he was because the mansion was huge. Finding the washroom with Harry was a mission alone, so I was thankful he chose to spend his time showing me around. I thought I would be completely on my own the first day.

Scanning myself quickly with distaste, I then opened the washroom door. Harry smiled as he saw me approach him. He was a handsome man with dark, brown curls and brown eyes, but he was thirty-six years old. That was double my age.

"You look lovely in your uniform," he complimented.

I smiled. "Thank you sir."

"Shall we go to her?"

Trying to hide my reluctance, I said, "Yeah."

He chuckled. "You'll get used to her bratty ways. Trust me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I did," he assured.

I smiled and allowed him to lead me to where she was. Hopefully Harry was right. My contract to the job lasted one year, meaning I couldn't quit until three hundred and sixty-five days passed. If I hated Brianna, I was basically screwed because of that. I hoped God was on my side for once.

We walked down a long hallway and I was about to comment on the immense size of the hallway, when Harry stopped at the last door in the hallway. He took a deep breath in and knocked on the door. I waited anxiously.

The door soon flew opened and I watched as Harry gulped. My nerves seemed to go crazy as we took a dramatic step inside the bedroom.

Instantly, I heard a girl shriek, "Where have you been!"

My head flew to the right and my eyes widened as I saw Brianna glaring at me. Her hands were on her hips and her eyes were squinted as they judged me. However, even though my nerves were increasing, I couldn't help but admit she was beautiful.

Brianna was your typical beauty with long blond hair and blue eyes. Every guy seemed to want her despite her personality. Apparently, that was why anyone tolerated her. But sadly for those guys, she was taken by some guy I had no clue about. Apparently he wasn't from anywhere nearby.

"Answer me," she demanded, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn't think of a response. I didn't know why she was so angry. Harry had brought me on time.

"Alanna has come on time," Harry eventually said, defending me.

I gave him a thankful smile, but his response seemed to anger Brianna even more. She shot him a dirty look.

"No, she's a minute late."

My eyes drifted to where the clock hung on the wall. I was indeed a minute late. Oh my god, it's the end of the world.

Finally gaining some guts, I said, "I am deeply sorry Brianna. It won't happen again."

I gave her a little curtsy to please her too. If I was going to serve her for a while, I needed to suck up to her. Having the person you worked for hate you wasn't a good idea. I of all people knew that.

Brianna rolled her eyes despite my apology. "Whatever. Go change me."

My eyes widened. "What?"

"Are you deaf?" she asked rudely. "I asked you to change me."

I looked at Harry to see if she was serious. Apparently from his neutral expression, she was.

"Okay madame," I replied, forcing a smile.

"Ew, don't call me that," she said, scowling. "Call me princess."

"Okay... princess," I replied, even though I was disgusted.

She smiled evilly and then shooed Harry away. I sighed tiredly and realized I was now officially a maid. How fun.


"Finally you're done. You're so slow at everything," Brianna commented.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. "Sorry."

"So you're going to stay by me and my boyfriend the entire ball," she said.

"I am?"

"Yes, who else is gong to serve us food and drinks?" she asked.

I shrugged and began to clip parts of her hair back. It made sense now. For the past three hours I had been getting Brianna ready. She looked extremely dressed up, but I assumed that was how rich people dressed. A ball being held explained it a lot better.

"Oh, don't stand near us," she suddenly said. "I'm beautiful and my boyfriend is really handsome too. You're ugly, so you'll just kill our vibe."

"Um, okay," I said, despite my slightly offended feelings.

I never thought I was pretty, but I didn't think I was ugly either. I had received my mom's features of long wavy brown hair and brown eyes, and she was apparently gorgeous. Maybe those features didn't work on me.

"Oh, don't talk to my boyfriend either," she said, surprisingly angrily. "He wouldn't like you, but I still don't want him talking to other girls around his age. You're eighteen, right?"

"Yeah, how old are you?" I asked, surprised she knew my age.

She rolled her eyes. "You can't ask me questions, I'm your master. But since I'm nice, I'll tell you. I'm nineteen."

I tried to hide my surprise. Whoa. I thought she was in her twenties.

"Okay, you're done," she then snapped.

I realized I was playing with her curls, so I quickly stopped. She then got up and flattened out her dress.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"Um, beautiful," I said honestly.

She grinned. "Of course, I'm me."

Brianna then studied herself in the mirror while I watched awkwardly. After a few minutes she turned around and walked to the door.

Right before exiting the door, she yelled, "Come maid!"

I rolled my eyes, happy she couldn't see me. This would be a fun night.

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