Prologue and Sneak Peak of Chapter One: “Chosen Paths”

At the beginning of the week we found Lestat again, he was in our lives and we all were in complete debt to how he saved the pack, the Luna……damn near the world.

Cameron and I were together for almost a year now……It was nearing my 3rd month of pregnancy of our precious one that would be here soon or according to the growth which I was pregnant as a human’s normal months would be. I could feel the difference now, I mean my boobs were heavier and sometimes a little sore, my hair was growing but emotionally I was cool. Sky and I both were hanging out more for the simple fact, she was pregnant and we both were on the same level as far as cravings and attention.

I was able to return back to school now and I went back to teaching normal Biology. The students were all eager to see me again although the term was nearing the end. Cam was graduating in a month, I was so proud of my baby. He was graduating with a bachelor in Science with scientific analysis and mathematical reasoning. His father had no choice because of Xavier’s decision to place Cameron over all the southern packs as part responsibility as rule. I was so proud of him! Today his grandmother was coming up to the pack house after school and so I finally was going to meet her for the first time. Cam was really particular about his treasured relationship with his grandmother. He loved her dearly and was really protective.

“Mrs. Sorice, can you please explain the components that make up that formula?”

Tandy; a student asked me, I was more than happy to help her but I was using Lestat as a lot since his history in study of almost everything was remarkable.

“Yes ma’am” he winked at me making his way over to her.

I finished grading my papers but I couldn’t stop smiling with the love-links Cam kept sending me.

~Behave Mr. Sorice, I’m in class.

~I can’t even tease my wife…….tsk- tsk -…….so serious Rosa!

~ Later Alpha!

I shut him off and returned to my work. I watched Lestat working with Tandy when a young girl walked in and placed a paper on the desk beside me.

“Um…I’m Arimis Webster.” She smiled.

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