Chapter 50 ~Three weddings

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Chrissy POV:

Someone was shaking me, I slowly opened my eyes to see Sam hovering over me. He smiled a small smile when I looked into his eyes, he looked good.

"You okay?" He asked me I nodded. "Good." He smiled and kissed my neck. I gasped closing my eyes, he chuckled.

"Sam, what are you?" I trailed off

"Shhhh" he said smirking. What the hell is happening right now? He moved the hair that was blocking my face and groped my thigh. Okay whoa wait! What is this some type of joke or something? His hand slowly traveled from my thigh to my heat. I jumped. He stroked me down there slowly while I froze, I swear I couldn't move I was too in shock. I gulped as he started sucking on my neck, I could feel his lips slowly climb up towards my mouth. No! Don't! He kissed me. Okay that's it I don't know what's up with him but I can't. I pushed him away and sat up. "What's wrong?" He asked me I stared at him in shock.

"What's wrong is that you're groping me and stuff!"

"Why is that wrong, you are mine after all." He smiled when be said that.

"What?" I said he climbed closer and pushed me down again.

"Now babe, if you don't mind I want to make love to my gorgeous wife right now so, " he trailed off lifting up my shirt.

"Wife? Who would be stupid enough to marry you?" He smirked

"You, Mrs. Christian Uley." My eyes widened and then I smiled.

"Am I being punked? Where's Paul and Jared? Are they in the closet?" I asked standing up and opening the closet door while Sam frowned.

"Why would you think you're getting punked?"

"Because I would never marry you, no offence."

"Well you did honey, and I've got pictures to prove it!"

"Prove it!" I said he got up from the king sized bed he was sitting on and walked to where some pictures sat on the desk.

"Look." He handed a frame to me. I shook my head, this is not possible! Why the hell am I standing in a wedding dress next to Sam in an alter?

"Holy crap! I don't, what why when?" I gasped out. I began feeling very lightheaded.

"Three years ago, honey." I gasped and sat on the bed.

"Mommy?" I heard a voice say I looked up to see a mini me standing at the door with an mini Sam. I looked around for Emily, yes Emily she's pulling a joke on me!

"Go to bed kiddies, mommy and daddy are talking right now okay, I'll tuck you in." He said standing up and walking with the two kids out of the room. I held my head I have no fucking idea what is wrong with me right now! I laid back and breathed in and out. I'm still fifteen I couldn't have gotten married! And had kids! Wouldn't I be bigger? Like fatter if I had? They both look only about two years old. "Honey? What's the matter?" He asked me looking pained.

"I don't, know?"

"Christian wake your lazy ass up already!" I sat up gasping for air and groaned as my head came in contact with something hard. I looked up to see Paul holding his forehead. I gasped and looked around, I'm at Emily's.

"What happened?" I asked Paul

"We came from patrol and found you on the porch passed out, you smelled like Vodka. Were you drinking?" Jared asked me

"So I'm not married?" I asked them. Paul frowned while Jared looked thoughtful for a moment.

"No not yet, at least, our weddings coming up baby don't you remember?" Jared asked me Paul glared at him.


"You're not marrying Jared, I'm your fiancé he's still pissy you picked me over him." Paul smirked.

"Guys leave the poor girl alone! She just had a dream where she married someone and, who did you marry?" Emily asked me. I gulped and shrugged.

'I'm not sure." I mumbled she nodded

"What happened last night?" She asked again.

"Fireworks way too loud, especially when on high cliffs." I sighed they all laughed. "What my ears hurt!"

"When before or after you drank that Vodka?"

"Hey I'll have you know I only drank because I was pissed off!" I said "which reminds me, if you'll excuse me I got to go kill my date from last night and Jenna, and Brian!"


"Because one of those three assholes fucking put something in that bottle of Vodka I had last night!" I said storming out and bumping into Sam. My eyes widened as he landed on top of me. Holy shit! It's deja vu all over again! I pushed him off and took off running away from him.

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