Chapter Three

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I'd decided I would name him Noah because I loved the name and honestly I think it kinda suited him. Yes I know he's a cat and that's not exactly a cat name but it suited him ok.

Later on in the day, I went shopping with my Mom while Dad prepared dinner and no doubt Joe was in his room or out with friends.

Joe and I never really took much interest in each other's life's after he came back here and I stayed in London, we stopped talking on the phone and I guess we just grew apart. We didn't like the same kind of music anymore, he doesn't have the same sense of humour as before so we don't really have anything we can laugh about together, we are just different people I guess.

We still hung out sometimes when I came over, but that's mainly due to his friends and my friends being friends and because Nate, Joe's friend and Violet, my best friend, are also brother and sister and unlike Joe and I, are very close. 

Speaking of friends, none of mine knew I was here yet, and I was planning on surprising them tomorrow at school.


Later in the evening, after Mom and I finished our shopping spree, we came home to dad making pasta, one of my favourite dinners of his. Keyword 'dinners', and not food because I love food so much, I literally couldn't choose a favourite, but I do love homemade chocolate chip pancakes.

It's so weird to be back here, knowing that it's permanent, sitting in the same spot at the dining table that I did 10 years ago. There was dead silence from all four of us as we ate our meals, apart from the slight clatter of silverware and maybe a couple light coughs from my dad.

"So, Joe I expect you're going to take your sister to school tomorrow?" My father was usually the first to finish, therefore being the first to bother the rest of us. Joe and I had said our proper hellos as I came through the door with my shopping, and he'd been asking to collect the other bags from the car. It wasn't very exciting, but then again I didn't expect much. Especially not after him being made to go collect a kitten for me coming home. 

"Well actually I'm getting a ride from Nathaniel with Cam, Nate and Hunter so there's not gonna be room" he put his knife and fork down on the plate to indicate he was finished.

"Dad it's fine, I can walk or something" I slightly mumbled as I was still trying to finish the pasta I had in my mouth.

"Well don't be expecting a lift from me or your mother, we will be leaving the house at 5 AM sharp to get to work," My dad's voice was rough, he sounded like he needed sleep.

I hadn't noticed until I spoke up again that I had picked up the English accent slightly.
"I said I'll walk," I said softly, before smiling and standing up and taking the plates through to the kitchen to start washing them.

"Oh honey don't worry about that, you go get some rest you've got school tomorrow and you've been travelling today" My mother's voice was soft.

"Mom it's fine, I can do it" I reassured her before continuing to clean the dirty dishes and sitting them on the counter to dry.

Once finished I made my way back up to my room, settling on my bed. 
I pulled a book off the now rather full bookshelf, The Fault In Our Stars. 
I was only about 5 chapters from the end and could finish it in about forty-five minutes, easily in the sleepy state that I'm currently in.
It was 9:58 pm, I decided I would finish the book and get to sleep.


the picture on the side is Noah

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