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"Turn left at the end of the street and we finally made it to the high school." I beam with excitement.

"You seem rather excited to explore this high school, Zayn." Liam replied, giving me a smug look, his eyes darted toward mine, then back at the road.

"Why aren't you? I'm so ready to pick out a young fit student for my personal needs." I smirk.

"We'll see if that happens."

I snorted, "No one says no to me and I'll be damn sure to let the principal in charge know that I'll take whoever I want for pleasure, but not spilling to much details." I say looking out the window.

The car came to a stop and I exit the car along with my best friend Liam. We work at a highly organized company we share that's worth half a billion dollars. The trick is to use this poor excuse of a school to help it become stable, but in return I want a bendable youthful student to satisfy my hormonal needs. Liam is here to observe if he wants to take part in this little adventure with me.

A older gentleman greeted us, as we made our way towards the entrance of the high-school, "Good morning Mr. Malik and Mr. Payne. I'm thrilled that you picked out school."

"The pleasure is all mine Mr. Cowell. I take pride in helping students who want a education to further themselves in life." I say causally, even though it's a bunch of horse shït. Don't get me wrong, I will be keeping this school afloat, but I need something in return.

"Of course. I've brought the finest student in Winterwood High-school. Niall Horan." Mr. Cowell's beams with joy.

My eyes laid onto the blue eye boy that screams innocents. The blood flow went straight down to my cøck and I knew I must know more about Niall.

"Pleasure to me you Niall." I say hiding my smirk, as I reached out to grab his hand.

"Thank you Mr. Malik. I'll be your tour guide for today, If that's okay with you?" He questioned me with a little sacredness.

If I claim him mine, I definitely need to work on his motivational skill. I wonder how long he an endure pleasure until he reaches his peak before ejaculation. I must do lots of testing on this boy to see he can please my very sophisticated needs.

"You're being very quiet Mr. Payne." Mr. Cowell noted with a concern and I resisted to roll my eyes.

"I'm just observing with my eyes sir." Liam replies quietly.

"Can I have my hand b-back Mr. Malik?" Niall flushes red at me. I couldn't hide my smirk any longer, as I unfortunately let go of his hand. I'm already hard at the sight of him in a green tank top with skinny jeans on.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but why is Niall in summer school?" I questioned Mr. Cowell.

"I have nothing better to do at home. I enjoy helping students that are struggling with their classes." Niall replies to my answer sweetly, his Irish accent makes me want to hear him moan and do unspeakable things to it.

"So you're a giver aye? You like focus on other people's happiness than yourself?" I questioned biting my lip.

"I am content with my life sir and I enjoy helping people a lot."

If only I can command him to get on his knees right now, that would surly help my needs.

"Niall! I thought you was suppose to help me with my math work?" A tattoo punk yelled across the hallway.

"Sorry Louis. I'll help you out later."

I wonder who is this Louis towards Niall. Doesn't matter cause I've mentally claim Niall as mine. For his sake, he better not be any trouble for what I have plan for the blonde boy.

"Who are these people?" He asked pointed at me and Liam.

"Businessmen that are donating to our school, so we won't have to apply to new schools in September. I'm glad that they took our school into consideration. I would love to stay until I fully finish high school.

"If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?" I asked Niall waiting to hear his accent that has me mesmerize.

"Sixteen. Turning seventeen in September." He says with a smile. God, I wish those lips could be around my-"

"Mr. Tomlinson! Please go back to study hall and finish your assignments." Mr. Cowell scowled, disrupting my dirty thoughts.

"Relax you old fart. I obviously don't know squat about math and Niall was helping me until he was summoned here. Now I'll be outside taking a smoke break." Louis spat, walking over and bumped into Liam.

"Clumsy me." Louis winked at Liam, swaying his hips dramatically as we all watch his arse move from side to side. Liam definitely seems interested in him, as he watched Louis walk out the school building.

Mr. Cowell cleared his throat getting our attention, "Excuse Louis for his rudeness. I will personally deal with his behavior, now let's begin the tour guide."

"Actually Mr. Cowell, I already my decision and I'll fully fund this school, but I would like in return is Niall to be my personal assistant to aid me in my business. This would definitely help him in the long run for colleges. I possible internship in my part at no extra charge." I say calmly, but in the inside I'm controlling the inner desire to fück this blonde boy right in this hallway.

"That's a generous offer Mr. Malik, but Niall Horan is one of our best students who needs to be apart of this. With all due respect, I think this is very inappropriate of you to take one of my students off for your own personal agenda."

I chuckle softly as I hook my arm around Mr. Cowell's neck, leading him away from Niall and Liam, "Are you really telling me how inappropriate I am? My business partner and I are worth half a billion dollars and I'm willingly to help this high school. So if you want my money than I want Niall Horan." I say sternly.


"But nothing!" I hissed. "I'm giving him a chance of a lifetime to work with my company. This will benefit him for his college applications and resumes. Stop being difficult and give me what I want."

"They have been rumors of you going to other schools trying to use these students for your own personal game. I don't want that for Niall."

"I'm waisting my time here. Say goodbye to Winterwood high-school." I sneered in his ear, then start to walk away.


I smirk before turning around.

"You will use Niall for academics purposes only and I will be doing regular check ups on him to make sure." Mr. Cowell insisted which pissed me off.

"Fine, I'll set up the paperwork and it shall be sent tomorrow morning. Great doing business with you Mr. Cowell and I'll take Niall off your hands to show him where he's working and I'll personally drop him off home. Is that a problem?"

"No Mr. Malik. Thank you for your contribution."

"No. Thank you." I turn around exposing my full smirk at Niall.

"Have you decided what you're going to do?" Niall asked innocently.

"Your high-school is safe from shutting down and you'll be working for me in my company." I say placing my hand on his back, as we exit out the school entrance.

"Thank you so much Mr. Malik!" Niall gushes with excitement.

"Call me Zayn and I have a very important question to ask you."

"Yes anything."

"Do you know the definition of the term sugar daddy mean?"


I'm trying my hardest to do first person in this books instead of third pov.

Warning: underage smüt. Inappropriate language. Physical and mental abuse.

Inspired by Selena Gomez song: Good For You.




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