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Today we're going to Disney so I put on a Minnie Mouse shirt,some black skinny jeans,Minnie mouse vans,a black heart neckless and some sparkly Minnie ears. I went downstairs and watched tv till everyone got here. It was Friday after Disney I get to keep the kids!

Chris:*gettin Cj out his seat*

Dani:*knocks on the door*

I went and got the door.

Carrie:Hi sweetie!

Dani:Hi! Mommy

She ran and hugged me. Man did I miss them Chris walked up to me and handed me Cj.


Carrie:Uh..hi we taking my car?

Chris:Yea or we c-

Carrie:We can take mines

We were in the car and he was driving I was happy we were all together as a family. I just don't like how it's weird around me and Chris now. I really loved him. Yup. I had a baby bump. It was huge! Guess he was bothered.

🎀DisneyLand🎀 (Chris)

We were walking to the tea cups I really didn't want to go on no girly shit.after that we went to Space Mountain. Carrie couldn't go on so me and Dani went on it. After that we just walked around and sat down and got some snacks.

Chris:You guys having fun?


Chris:*smiles* C?

Carrie:*laughs* You can say that.

I loved her smile. She has dimples they were a turn on she had her curves her butt and she was very beautiful.

Chris:*smiles* Nice dimples!

Carrie:*laughs* Thanks for noticing finally!

Chris:*laughs* I don't know how I couldn't notice them


How could he not notice! He's dumb😒😂

Carrie:You need h-e-l-p!


He bit his lip and grabbed my hand. I started to get butterflies. Was he about to do what I think he was going to..?

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