My dad with big brown eyes

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Two years,

Since I said my goodbyes.

To a Dad that meant the world to me,

My Dad with big brown eyes

I always loved you

My dad, my star

Now my pain is

To worship you from afar

I thought of you with love today.

I thought of you through tears

We're never ready to say goodbye

To someone we hold dear.

If it were up to us, dear Dad,

We'd always keep you here.

No words I write can ever say

How much I miss you every day.

How I miss you, nobody knows

"I need you and I miss you so."

There is a place in my heart

That no one else can fill;

I love you so, Dad,

And I always will.

The greatest fortune any woman has ever had,

Is held by me, 'cause I called you DAD.

I'm always open to critique on my work.

But this is something I literally just wrote and it's nothing but raw feelings.

Don't be too harsh.

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