Dirty imagine.. Naughty Dinner.... :P

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So if u kept reading my imagine, i'll upload a THREESOME with Y/N, Justin, and Rayn So Soon. ENJOY 

"Justin stop!" you giggled, you and Justin were sitting on the couch cuddling. "But your so delicious" He said lightly biting your neck.

"Mmm, okay maybe for a little bit" You said givingly. You rolled over on top of him, ans started to lick and kiss his neck. His fingers were playing in your hair, as you were kissing down to his collar bone. And your kissing started to get more heated, every time he gently bite your lip, between kisses. 

*Ring Ring* 

"Ugh... babe. the phone..." Justin moaned in annoynce. 

You slightly leaned over Justin's head to reach the phone. 

"Mhmmmm, i like this view" Licking his lips, Justin said staring at your shirt. 

"Justin, shhhh" You quickly pecked his lips and answered. "Hello?"

"Justin it's my mom" You said, getting off of him. 

"What does she want? She's kind of calling at a bad time" Justin said sighing.

"She wants us to go to dinner tonight, wy whole family will be there."

"Ughh, do we have to? I mean, I'm kinda horny now.." He said rolling his eyes 

"Yes! We have to" You said laughing.

*At the dinner* 

"Babe, this is boring." Justin said whispering in your ear.

"C'mon. it'll be over soon, and plus I'm hungry!" You said smiling and then crossing your leg under the table.

"Mhm. well, that's what I'm for!" Justin said smirking. He then grabbed your hand and put it on his crotch. And you obviously felt a bulge even through his pants. Your eyes widened and looked up at him. 

"Babe, this is what you do to me... especially in your dress your wearing." He said quietly moaning at your touch. 

But at the same time you had to admit, the dress you were wearing was sexy. 

Is was a tight black cocktail dress, and the neck line came down enough to show cleavage. And just enough to tease Justin. Even the look he had when you were leaving his flat, you could tell he wanted you... bad.

"Justin?" Your mom said breaking the silence. 

"W-what?" Justin said little startled. 

"I said, Do you have any siblings?" She repeated. 

"Oh y-yes! I have one young sister, and young brother." He said nervously. 

The whole time Justin was answering questions you were laughing, and rubbing his bulge. That's why he stuttered on alot of his wording.

"Y/N STOP" he whispered in your ear. You looked up to see your mom in a different conversation with someone else.

"Aw. C'mon i was having fun" You said giving him a cheeky smile.

"Well I can always have fun too" Justin said biting his lip.

You were left a little confused with his statement. Until you realized what he was doing. You felt his hand creep to your leg, and then down to your chair. He grabbed ahold of the leg of the chair and scooted you closer to him.

He then put his hand on your knee and rubbing from your thigh to your knee.

You looked up at him, and he put a soft kiss on your lips.

"Now, do me a favor?" He said looking at your lips.

"What?" you questioned.

"Be as quiet as possible.."

His words lingered there for a second, making you think. What was he going to do? Then before you could tell him not to, his fingers crept beneath your dress. His fingers caressed your panties. You bit your lip in order to keep quit.  He kept rubbing your heat, until you started to get wet. 

"Mmm. Baby, do i make you wet?" He said Sexily in your ear. 

Your silence was all he needed to keep going. You didn't want to answer or you were afraid you would let out a moan. You would glance up at the people around you to make sure no one was watching. 

Justin then pushed your panties to the side, and he started rubbing your clit. 

You closed your eyes, and bit your lip, and tried to stay as normal and quiet as possible. But the sensation making it hard to do..

He had your clit in between his thumb and index finger rubbing slightly. Using his middle finger to rub right below it. Almost entering his long finger. You looked down at the table, trying not to cause a scene, then you slwoly looked over at Justin and his eyes were fixed on your face. 

"You like that babt? Just wait." he smiled. 

Then you felt his index finger enter you slowly. Your eyes widened as he stuck it deeper. You were trying with all your with all you might, to keep in the sounds. Only letting a few moans out. But you kept them quiet. 

Justin startes to pick up the speed a bit with his fingers, trying not to make any noice himself. He then added another finger. You winced, not prepared for that. 

"God. I can already tell, your so tight/" Justin said looking down at you. 

Justin started to go faster with his fingers. Justin then curled his fingers making you quickly place your hand over your mouth, and your breathing increased. 

"Justin St-" You couldn't even finish your sentence, the feel of his fingers curling and fingering you, you couldn't talk. He stopped bringing his fingers in and out, he just left them in, and started to swirl then around. Doing that, Justin hit your G spot. 

Almost at that moment, you just felt a burst of sensation all come to you at once. You looked up to Justin, and he was smiling. You felt his fingers pull out, and he pulled down your dress. You were still looking at Justin when he places his fingers in his mouth. Your eyes widned as you looked up to everyone at the table, but thank god no one was watching still. You sighed in relief. 

"Mmmh. Baby, did you like that?" Justin said kissing behind your ear. 

You were about to answer when he said, "Mmm. If we were back at the flat, I would have licked it right up" 

He said licking his lips "And then who knows what else." He smiled and winked. "But this'll do for now baby." He then kissed your lips. 

"So Y/N, Do you think Justin is the one?" Your mom said as Justin pulled away from the kiss.

"Yes, defiantly." You smiled.