Maybe we should..

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~Two months later~


I feel so stupid. Diggy hasn't talked to me in two months and this is his child! I'm 3 months pregnant already. Yes,Chris asked me to get an abortion but..I don't like that stuff this baby has a right to live. We're divorced I get the kids on the weekends. But other than that I don't got no man or nothing. Me and Chris talk but I guess we weren't meant to be married I guess.. But I do talk to Khalil but I don't know if that's gonna go far. Life's just ugh I guess. I still love Chris and he still loves me I'm just waiting on him to make a move first I guess.


Me and Carrie are divorced. I do think we were meant to be married or maybe we weren't..I guess. She gets the kids on the weekends. We plan stuff like this weekend we're gonna go to DisneyLand with them the whole family cause we should have family moments. I talk to some girls but I don't really like WANT them. Maybe me and Carrie should start back cause I love her and I know she loves me so why the fuck not. Maybe I'll make a move this weekend today's Thursday so maybe I can make something big!

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