Chapter One

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I've lived with my Aunt Molly in the UK, London to be exact, for years now, and considering I don't really remember my general life back in Ohio from before I moved, I'd say I'm pretty happy with how life my currently is. The only downside to being here is having the rest of my immediate family being in Ohio. The rest of my family meaning my Mother and Father and my older brother Joe, who is only older by 13 and a half minutes, but never seems to let me forget. 

I've got family in more places than Ohio actually, my dad's parents live in California and my Moms lived in New York. I also have Aunts and Uncles and cousins in Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Nebraska and Arizona. My Dad has four sisters and a twin brother, whereas my mother only has one sister, who also happens to be a twin, and that's my Aunt Molly, who I've been living with. It's fair to say that twins run in our families and that Christmas and family gatherings are extremely difficult to make happen with everyone showing. 

I took myself from my thoughts and brought myself back to my current situation - packing my cases. That's what I'm supposed to be doing anyway, but instead, I'm looking through old drawings from when I was seven and eight and discovering old diaries that I never completed because I always lost them, and by the time I found them I had a new one which I would then go on to lose a week later.

The reason for my packing is bittersweet really,  you see I'm going back to Ohio. I miss my parents and friends so much, and maybe I even missed my brother a little bit, but the thought of leaving my Aunt here in London, even with the company of her husband, still stings my heart. She's like a second mother to me.
I have been living in the UK since I was 7, and I'm about to turn 18 this November.
It;s not like I haven't been home since I moved out here, I visited back home every chance I had but now that my uncle had gotten back from the military about a year ago and my aunt doesn't really need the company anymore, and I feel like I would be better to move back.

I moved here because my parents were going through a rough time and had to take some time away, so my brother and I came here and I guess I just never wanted to go back. Joe, however, moved back as soon as he could, he never settled as well as I did. Probably because he's 10 times more stubborn. 

My flight is at 4:30 am, getting me into Ohio at around 12:45 pm UK time which is really 7:45 am in Ohio time. The flight times are rough but worked out kind of perfect because it meant the house would be empty for me coming home, making it easier for me to put things away and catch up on sleep whilst everyone's gone. 

I've not really told you much about myself, so here we go.
My name is Darcy Oliver, I have naturally dark hair that I've dyed many many times, from blue to dirty blonde, and it only just reaches my shoulders. My eyes are a boring light blue colour, nothing exciting. I get told on the regular that I'm extremely small for my age, only being 5'2. My feet are small along with my hands, I wouldn't say I was overweight, nor was I underweight. I was in shape enough to have abs if I wanted, which I don't because I'd prefer to pig out on food than work out. I eat a lot, and luckily enough for me, my metabolism works quickly making me not need to shed fat by working out.

Unlike most of my peers, I actually love to read and have a small passion for dancing, along with singing but I never really told anyone about those two things because I don't see myself as amazing, I mainly just joke around with the two and end up shying away once somebody compliments me.

So yeah, I guess that that's a few things about me that maybe you wanted to know, maybe not.


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