I Love You More. ( I win.) :D

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When do you know  that you love someone?

Is it when you don’t think about anything else?

With this distance between us you are the only thing on my mind.

When the phone rings twice I hear your voice in my ear, whispering into my ear that you love me.

In return I say I miss you and your reply with “ I miss you more.”

I tell you I love you and without delay you return the love.

How much I wish I was there with you so my arms could be locked around you to keep you safe, to kiss you and tell you how much I love you.

My phone vibrates in my hand and I look up to see your contact picture staring up at me.

Your smile brings the light into my day that it needs, like in return my voice in the morning makes you smile for the rest of your day.

Its funny how we argue about the most silliest things. Saying who misses who and who loves who the most.

I will always win because you are my flower that I must always love and protect. You’re the one who puts the smile on my face when I call you at 6.30am

If you would run you would run to me into my waiting arms.

At the end of the day I love you and am always there for you, anything happens and I will come running to you.

I win the war. I love you more and I miss you more. Only one week till you will be in my arms and I will be whispering that I love you over and over again.

I will stand by you and love you till the end.

ps I love you... and I win. :D

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