Chapter 1

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(Grace's POV)

I woke up to the sound of my friend Jennie pounding on my bedroom door.

"What Jennie?" I ask half asleep

"Grace you have to get up now I need to show you something awesome!" She yelled with enthusiasm

"Can't it wait till later" I say

"No put something on and get out here, hurry!" 

"Alright hold on" I reply annoyed

I put on my red t-shirt,black yoga pants,socks,combat boots,and my light black jacket since it's supposed to cold today.I step out side my room and Jennie isn't in the hall.

"Jennie where are you?" I call


I jump back startled and a little bit ticked off that I fell for that.

"Ha! got you" she laughs

"Real mature Jennie,real mature" I say super annoyed

"Oh come on scaredy cat it was funny you,she says,you should have seen the look on your face"

"Maybe it was a little funny,I admit,so what did you want to show me?"

"Come on I'll explain on the way" she tells me

I grab granola bar and we head outside to get on Jennie's motorcycle.She hands me a helmet which I strap on.

"So where are we going?" I ask intrigued

"So this morning after I woke up I decided to take a walk in that old woods behind my house.So I went in and kept walking for awhile and found this old building that I had never seen before in my life and I went inside and I found something really awesome"she said leaving it at a cliffhanger

"Well what was it" I ask interested

"You'll have to see when we get there" she replied mysteriously

I scowl as we go down the road to her house.Then she parks her motorcycle at the edge of the woods.We get off and start walking in silence,then I see the building and stare at it in awe.

"You never told me it was a castle" I say in shock

"You never asked,she says smugly,now come on I want to show the thing I was talking about"

I follow her inside up what seem like a million stairs and we get to this huge door.She pushes the door open and I just see this huge glass window like you see in churches.The window has the the picture of a beautiful lady with raven black hair and emerald green eyes. She is wearing a beautiful white dress, a sparkling tiara in her head and a small pearl necklace.

"Looks a lot like you doesn't it" Jennie says quietly

"You know what it really does" I say proudly

"Oh and I want you to translate this" she says pointing at the bottom

I look down and see the gold writing in what looks like Latin.It looks super new but Latin is a really old language.Also very few people today actually know how to translate it.

"Why?"I ask

"Because I you are like the only person I know who can speak and translate latin" she says encouragingly

"Maybe we shouldn't be here I mean what if this is like haunted or something" I say nervously

"Oh come on ghosts aren't real and besides this lady might be related to you some how, please read it might be super cool"

"Oh alright, I say defeated, now my Latin is a little rusty since I learned this back in high school but here we go. It looks like it says, The Queen once gone Will return for his majesty of the shadows, but only when the true one emerges will he be set at peace" I finish

"Wow that was...awesome!!" Yells Jennie excitedly

I smile,but it is short lived I start to feel as though I fell face first on concrete.

"Ahhh!" Scream In more pain

"Grace what's wrong?" asks Jennie

But before I can answer the building starts to shake, I look at the window image and it starts to ripple like a stone on water. Jennie runs up next to me, grabs my arm and tries to pull me out of the room but, my feet don't cooperate. We start to hear shrieks and growls coming from inside the window they pierce our ears like glass.My vision goes wonky I try to run but I bump into something and fall down,before I black out I see something emerge from the from the window and it throws Jennie against the wall I scream for her them everything goes black.

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