Thanks Adele and Sam Smith for waking me up way too early on a Friday morning. Since Cameron and I are over, I have no reason to dress up, since I was doing it for him. It's just Friday.
I've never been in this position before; what do couples normally do when they break up? Do they give back all their stuff? Do they keep their distance from each other? I'm so new to this.
Mom made breakfast. I guess now that Mom and Dad are engaged, I will have to get used to this.
"Good morning, Maddie. Did you sleep well?"
"No, Mom. Not really."
"Well, maybe school will brighten your day. You've always loved school."
"Yeah, I did." I said under my breath.
"So, when is Cameron picking you up?"
"Oh, Cameron." I remembered. "I'm gonna walk today." I only ate half my breakfast, but I couldn't afford to be late if I was practically running to school. My ride was originally Dad, but that was before Cameron and I began dating, which gave my dad the excuse to change his shift hours around. But now, it's time to run.
Halfway out the door, I saw Jack and Matt-they were here to pick me up?
"Jack, Matt, why are you here?" I said, pretending to be clueless.
"We're taking you to school." Jack said smiling.
"Really?" I said smiling.
"Yeah, and I'm here so he doesn't wreck my car. Until then, you're back to using your dad's old truck." Matt said putting his sunglasses on.
"Okay, deal. C'mon Madison, get in."
I didn't regret this.

Either the school knew about the breakup, or everyone was acting really weird. Everyone was just staring at Jack and me. Unless Jack tweeted or something, no one was supposed to know about the breakup.

"Thanks a lot Jack." Tess said walking up to us. "How dare you dump me for this defenseless twig!" She said yelling at him."

"Yeah, been there, done that." Macy said, backing her up. "Carter was such a loser." She said rolling her eyes.

"Would you calm down? You're causing a scene, and this has nothing to do with Madison." Jack said pushing her away.

She gave me an evil eye, and slowly walked away with Macy. Way to stir a crowd, Tess.

"Go on." Jack said to our crowd. "There's nothing to see."

"Thanks for driving me Jack; and Matt," I said, remembering he was still in his car. ***"I guess I'll see you around.

"Sure thing Mads." He said starting the car. "I just can't believe you and Cameron are over. You two were too in sync. You two were like relationship goals, but now it's over. The world--"

"I get it. Bye Matt." I said waving goodbye. The fact that he made me feel terrible for letting Jack kiss me, he didn't feel the need to blame his cousin for kissing me anyway. But hey, I guess it was family over best friend, and Jack comes before Cameron.

As I was walking to class, I saw Cameron running up to me. Talk about awkward. What was he gonna say? What do I even say to him?

"Hey Madison."

"Oh, hey, Cameron." I said. Awkward.

"I wanted to pick you up today for school, but I was running late. By the time I got there, your mom said you ran?"

"I actually got a ride, but thanks." I said walking away.

"-Wait, Madison. You do know that if you ever need a ride-"

"It's okay, Cameron. Don't need to feel sorry for me. I'm doing just fine." I said walking away.

"Well then, I guess I'll see you around?"

"Yeah, sure." I don't know if I needed him more, or he needed me, but I think for now, I'm gonna be just fine.

Now for the part of my day that was gonna make me feel more awkward: lunch.

I usually sat with Cameron and the guys, but Matt, who was the one guy who knew me better than even Cameron sometimes was gone. As for Nash, we have our ups and downs. And Carter, well, he'll just piggyback off of whatever anyone says. Looks like I'm back to my "table-for-one" days.

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