You stole my heart with just one look...

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The scream just catapulted me out of bed. I was freaked out. After a wild run downstairs wearing only my PJ's, tripping a little bit, I finnaly barged into the living room prepared to yell and scream. But no, there weren't robbers, no blood on the floor, nothing bad actually... Well nothing bad for normal people. For me?


There were about 20 people in my living room at 7 freaking AM. Niall, with his ear to ear smile, walked up to me and gave me a kiss.

"Happy 20th birthday, love."

Yes, It was my birthday. And I was officially not a teenager anymore. I was getting older and older by the day. I put on a fake smile, said thankyou for the surprises and couldnt wait to get a 5 minute break so I could go upstairs and change. But that was only the begining. After an hour, when people started to leave, new ones started comming. I looked over to the door and saw Elena comming. I grabbed her hand and ran upstairs, dragging her behind me. After I securely closed the door behind us the drama could begin.

"Did you know about this?"

"Yes I did! Did you seriously think I'd forget your birthday?"

"Well considering I did..."

"You can't be serious. Who forgets their own birthday?"

"Just tell me, how many people was invited?"

"Don't yell.."

"Tell me."

"50 friends and from 2PM on I invited some fans."


"I don't know the exact number but..."

"Oh, God... How much?"


I swear I stopped breathing. Its bad enough I forgot my own birthday. Ever since i remember I hated surprises. I hoped my 20th birthday would be calm, only me and Niall and maybe a few friends, 10 top! And now there's 550 people I need to entertain?

"Sorry Leah..."

"Don't be. You must've had a lot of trouble making this without me noticing it. I really like it. Its just... A surprise, thats all."

"Well duuuuuh, thats the point!"

I looked at her and we started laughing like retards. I went to the bathroom to change while she was calling Harry. When I came back in the room there they were. The three people I really wanted to be with on my 20th. Niall in his cute little tux, El in her beautiful yellow dress and Harry with.. A huge package.

"Guys!!!! What is this?"

Harry stepped forward and gave me the box. I didn't notice at first but it had holes in them. The box was really heavy. I had to put it on the floor. There was a bow so I untied it and the boy just fell apart. The next few minutes were full of screams, "awwe's" and "thankyou, you're such idiots I love you guys". In the box was a.. Wait for it... A little german shephard puppy!!

"So you like it?"

"OMG I LOVE IT! Whats her name?"

Niall came closer and sat next to me and the little puppy.

"Thats for you to decide."

I got a dog AND I got to name it!

"How about... Nelly?"

Elena squilled and pulled Harry to the ground. Now we were all sitting, playing with Nelly. She was so cute! I always wanted a dog, but we never had the space to have one, especially this big! Niall cleared his throat.

"Thats not all. This was a present from Elena and Hazz, my gift is yet to come."

Now I was really thrilled! The whole way downstairs I was like:

"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!"

Niall ran infront of us and left the house. Harry was holding Nelly and was walking infront of us and Elena held my hand as we stood infront of the front door.

"Ready girls?"

Elena looked at me and smiled.

"Its showtime."

Harry opened the door and started walking. The light blinded me at first but after a short second I saw everything. And I do mean everything.

There was a path of roses leading from our door to the back of the house. People, friends and old relatives, were standing on both sides of it, smiling at me and a few of them winked or waved. When we came to the back yard the music started playing. It was Here Comes The Sun by Beatles. It was the song on which Niall and I first slow danced. Harry moved to the side and let me and Elena walk ahead. Infront of us I saw Niall, standing next to a guy I never saw before, and on the other side was Zayn. Elena took me to Niall and he held my hand and gave me a kiss.

I glanced at the rest of the people and noticed my mum sitting in front, next to her were Maura and Bobby, and behind them were sitting Greg with his wife AND Louis and Liam with Danielle and Elenor. Everyone was here.

"We are gathered here today, in the sight of God, and in the face of family and friends, to join together Leah and Niall in holy matrimony. If anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."


"Leah, do you take Niall to be your lawfully wedded husband? If so answer I DO."

I was trying to keep my tears in but I just couldnt. This feeling was undescribable.

"I do."

I smiled to myself. I practiced this countless times infront of a mirror and I have never been so unprepaired in my life!

"Niall, do you take Leah to be your lawfully wedded wife? If so answer I, DO."

"I do."

I looked at him and saw a little teardrop stream down his cheek.

Zayn cleared his throat and I heard Harry yell from somewhere:

"Just a second, stall them!"

Everyone smiled and after a few seconds Harry came, holding Nelly on a leash. She had a little bow on her head and on that bow, there were two rings. Beautiful rings. Niall took Nelly in his hands and untied the bow. He gave her back to Harry and he just whispered a 'sorry' and started running back to the house. Niall put a ring on my finger and I put a ring on his.

"By the authority vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Thats the romantic part in the movies! Thats the moment! Thats the... The thoughts were flowing through my mind faster than the speed of light when Niall leaned forward and kissed me. Everyone awwwed and then they started clapping.  I hugged Niall and, no surprise there, started crying a lot. I looked up and saw Zayn smirking and then he have me a hug and whisperen "Congrats ms. Horan" in my ear. That was so good to hear. Better than I ever imagined. It finnaly happened. The moment where we sworn to be together... forever...



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