Imagine you and Harry is in a really big fight right now. He keeps screaming at your face that you were the one who cheated.

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on Y/N you're the one who cheated on me!" He yelled at your face.

You can't take this anymore, because of Harry always yelling at you.

You suddenly slap him right across the face.

You just look at him with his eyes closed and your mouth is forming an 'O' shape and your eyes wide.

You can't believe that you slap him. Louis, his mate told you that 'Don't do something really bad when Harry is angry. You'll regret it'

The words began ringing in your head. You suddenly realized what would Harry do to you.

Bringing out of your thoughts, you heard Harry chuckle darkly and smirk evily.

"You shouldn't have done that" He said. And open his eyes, revealing a dark shade green full of anger, hate, lust.

Wait......what? Lust? You thought. You suddenly became very nervous.

He grab your wrist harshly and put your body closer to his. His hand on your lower back and grip your wrist hard.

"W-what are you d-doing?" You stutter keeping your head down.

"I told you. You shouldn't have done that"

"I'm s-sorry. I wouldn't d-do it next time"

"Sorry is not enough baby"

You started to feel really nervous. Then without thinking you push him off of you, causing him to stumble.

Once again he let out a dark chuckle.

You tried to ran away from him, but he quickly grab your hair.

You let out a cry while his gripping your hair harshly.

"H-harry, you're h-hurting me" You stutter while crying.

Suddenly, he drag you on his room and throw you to his bed. You're only wearing a white tank top and a short.

You try to get up as soon as you can, but he quickly crawl on top of you.

"H-Harry what are you d-doing?"

"I told you before you shouldn't have done that" he said while staring at your eyes. His eyes are still dark.

He started to caress (I dunno what's the spelling of caress/carress. SORRY) your face using the back of his hand up to your neck, stomach until it reach your thighs. You let out a loud gasp.

"What's wrong baby? Not used to this?"

You cry.

"P-please don't do this" you stutter while crying.

You started to cry harder when you feel his hand on your inner thigh.


He ignore you and continue to touch and feel your body. Suddenly he got bored and kiss your your neck up to your collarbone.

"H-Harry please, don't do this" you cry to him.

He ignore you once again and, kiss your lips aggressively. You keep your mouth shut, while he's licking your bottom lip, asking for an entrance.

"Kiss me back goddamit!"


"Fine, you'll regret it"

He rip off your top exposing your red lace bra. You shut your eyes, but you can feel him smirking. Then lastly your shorts.

"HELP!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!" You screamed

"No one can help you bitch!"

You're now in your undergarments. No clothes, just bra and underwear only.

"H-Harry......p-please. Don't do this" you beg while crying

"Just shut up will you?"

Then he started kissing your neck, licking it.

He rip off your underwear and grab a condom, then he forced himself inside you. You were helpless under him. All you can do is beg, cry for him to stop it.


After he's done doing his dirty deed, you get up and grab a blanket to cover up your naked, bruised body. You grab all of your clothes and went to shower then put them on. After putting them on, you stare at your reflection in the mirror. You had a huge purple mark on the corner of your lips, and your eyes starting to get purple from where Harry punch you straight in the eye, 'cause you keep crying and struggling. You saw your wrist have a huge purple mark.

You just sob silently and put some makeup a on to cover up your bruises. And went back home. You started to cry while on your car, because you keep thinking why would the one who you trusted the most would be the one who will took away your 'virginity'. Your parents also trust him, because they thought that Harry would be a good guy for you.

When you got home you took a long shower and then went to bed.


P.S : i copied some of the parts in some books. Who ever you are I fucking love you

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