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Nine |Chris|

It was nine and I was at the house ringing the doorbell. No one answered. Finally after ten minutes Carrie decided to answer the door. She looked...GOOD well her body and she was beautiful but her eyes were red.She was wearing a tanktop with some bootay shorts she didn't have any makeup on. Them damn curves..that used to be mine didn't it?

Carrie:*weak smiles* Uh..hi

Chris:Hey here's the kids

Carrie:Thanks so much

Dani:*walks in* Mmm you cook?

Carrie:Yea *picks up Cj* Steak,mash potatoes,macaroni.

Dani:Yes. *runs upstairs*

Carrie:You can stay if you like

Oh Lawd Jesus! I love her cooking but it would be just weird..I still love her.


Two hours later...

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