Chapter 1

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*Jiya Pov*

"Ms.Sarin! " I heard someone calling and looked up to see the finance department manager.

"Yes, sir? " I asked politely.

"Err... Boss is asking for you." He replied.

"Ok! " I said, nodding and he left actually rushed away.

I shook my head and then glanced at the phone through which he could have called me and not by some superior to me.

I locked the computer and got up holding the notepad and pen. Walking towards his cabin, I knocked on his door and entered when asked me to 'come in'.

"Mr.Mehra!" I said when he continued to work on his system.

"Is the time for the meeting still the same?" he asked not looking up.

"It is, Sir! But if you want me to change it, I can do it." I replied staring at his forehead.

"No need for that." He said and I nodded, even though I know he is not going to glance at me.

"Shall I leave, Sir?" I asked him.

"Sure!" He replied.

I shook my head and walked outside his cabin only to meet a few stares glancing at me. I stared back at them, and they immediately glanced down to work.

After some time, I heard the phone ringing, and I lifted it to see that it is the receptionist.

"Yes? " I asked her.

"There is another personal call, and I am forwarding it to you." She replied and hung up.

"Hello! Mehra corporations." I said politely.

"You are such a lousy secretary. Are you hiding my messages from him? " I heard the shouting.

"We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience Madam, but we are doing what we were told." I said politely, and I can see a few heads turning towards me from the corner of my eyes.

"I will complaint against you to him and then cry over the lost job." She threatened.

"Sure, Madam." I said with as much force as I can but with politeness and heard her slamming the phone.

I calmly put the receiver properly and continued to carry out my work.

I walked toward his cabin looking at the time and knocked on the door. I entered and said, "It is meeting time, Sir."

"Let's go!" He said looking up from the system, and we both walked outside his cabin.

Getting into the meeting room, he took his place, and I sat beside him opening the notepad. A few minutes later the room filled with the client and the staff belonging to us and them.

"We are glad that you are free for this meeting today." The client said shaking his hand.

"Well, my secretary knows properly what I need to do for this company." Mr.Mehra said.

"I am sure she knows." The client said seductively or that's what he thought.

I glanced up from my pen and looked at him, raising my eyebrow. He immediately gulped and said, "Er... shall we start the meeting?"

The meeting went well, and client got satisfied with the presentation given by Mr.Mehra.

Exiting the conference room, I walked into his cabin along with him. He glanced up after sitting down and asked, "Yes?"

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