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This is how an angel dies. 

When they are ready; when their purpose has been fulfilled and their duties done... they ascend further.  They become something intangible: a star, a comment... a burst of light and energy that lives on in the universe until every single particle of its being has been dispersed and can begin anew.

This was how Ciel was born.

And this was how Ciel would die.

Sebastian, too.  But their purposes and duties were still quite unknown.  And every single process that they would have to undergo was still in the making... would still take many measurements of time to conceive and idealize.  The cycle of life and death takes millenniums.  And they knew that they would still find one another no matter how long it took. 

Ciel still had much to learn about his own emmanuel.

The waves were so beautiful.  They danced and ebbed along a beach of white sand and sparkling seashells.  The sky was a bright, cloudless blue.  The sun hung in the sky like a diamond made of fire and ice.  And  Ciel and Sebastian were safe and sound, their toes buried in that shimmering powder.  This might not last forever... but what would be the matter? 

Everything was okay. 

And forever is an illusion. 

The sun was a great, golden orb floating in a cloudless sky.  Their skin was salty and soft; like the crashing waves themselves.  Ciel's hair was being tossed by the warm breeze coming from the waves made of prayers.  And there was a warmth around them; like God's hand was cradling their wings in the flesh of millions.  Sebastian held Ciel's hand close to him, tracing unknown patterns in the skin of his palm.  It felt searing to Ciel, but not in a bad way. The fire pouring from Sebastian's heart was no longer the flames of black and ember; rather the blue flames of white-hot stars and ice and love and the passions of a beast. 

But they were no longer beasts.

A golden heart was beating inside Ciel's breast, liquid light flooding through his veins instead of a dark, black, brooding blood.  His tears were no longer smudged and burned into his skin, but rather made of diamonds.  His bones were steel and aluminum; unbreakable.  His hair was woven from silk and dewdrops... and it sparkled in the sun.  His skin was the same ivory as always... but now, it was untainted and clean. 

He was new... like a babe. 

He was ready.

But he was also ageless and ancient.  He had an old soul; one that would never truly rest.  His spirit was as lithe as a flower and as sprung as a bee.  His mind was clear and free from almost all distress. 

And Sebastian loved him.

Ciel's voice was like a velvet violin when he spoke,

"I do not wish to see another storm after all of this."

And Sebastian agreed.


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