Cant hide it no more

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Gumball's pov
That day I relieved I really do like (y/n).... more like I love her... Oh glob...
I was distracted with thinking this through (y/n) had poked my nose. I looked at her and she looked worried. "You ok Gumball? You look like your lost in space." She asked and I nod. I cant tell her! If she knew that I have fallen for her she will freak out since we have only known each other a month.... "Im fine. Im just thinking.." I said smiling gently. She smiled wagging her tail. It gently brushed mine and I lost it. Gosh dang.... I need to tell her and soon... If I dont I might just lose my mind. I secretly wrapped my tail around hers. She blushed lightly as she looked at me. "Gumball...." she said in a whisper. I then grabbed her hand and pulled her into an empty room. "(Y/n) I need to tell you something. Something that you might hate me for later...." I said as I look her in the eyes.

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