Chapter 49 ~Fourth of July

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Chrissy POV:

I walked into my room, drying my hair with a towel, I was currently in my robe. I went over to my charging phone and picked it up. I had a new text, it's from Damian.

Hey Christy, how'd you sleep? Good? Bad? Did you miss me too much? I'll pick you up at 4, bye babe." I smiled as I read Christy its his own nickname he gave me, he said he didn't want to call me something everybody else already does. I texted him back

I slept alright and I think I survived the night without you. See you then, Damian. Bye hun. I sent it and put my phone down. I always wondered what I ever saw in him, and now I remember it was the little things he did for me. I walked to my closet and looked through it, Fourth of July what do I wear? God I sound like such a girly girl. Let's go with simple but elegant? Man where's Eleanor when I need her? Oh that's right she's in London and not Washington! Why did she have to go to that stupid college prep thing? I picked some red shorts, and a navy blue flowy shirt. I put them on and left my hair down in it's natural waves. Is wearing a hat too much? No not too much. I grabbed a hat and put it on. Okay I'm ready!

He picked me up at four just like he said, that's another thing I always liked about Damian, he was always on time. I walked outside with him and to his car, I got in his car and shut the door while he got in on his side.

"You excited?" He asked me grinning

"A bit, why?" I innocently asked him truth was, I love fireworks! He nudged me

"Come on I know how much you like fireworks." He said looking at me.

"Like? I Love fireworks! And keep your eyes on the road!" I grabbed his chin and faxed it toward the road.

"How could I when I have the most beautiful girl as my date?"

"Okay pull over"

"Why?" He frowned

"So I can drive." I said He laughed. "I'm serious!"

"Fine I'll quit staring at you, wow never thought I'd ever hear myself saying that to a girl, like ever." We pulled up to the beach parking lot, I got out if his car and looked around. "Okay so they're having this little car thing to take everyone up there." He told me. I scoffed.

"Please, I could climb up faster than you can drive."

"Christy, don't okay you'll get hurt and, "

"I can take care of myself, Damian." I told him. His eyes widened. I grabbed his wrist.

"One on it's not that far and I know the way!" I smiled at him. He looked unsure. "Fine I'll see you when the little car gets here." I said walking towards the woods and I started the climb to the cliffs. I walked up and looked around, everything is already set up. I sighed and I could hear the sound of Damian's worried voice down at the beach.

"She went to the woods to get to the cliffs by herself! Someone come with me to find her!" Oh so now you wish you came with me huh! Finally after a full twenty minutes the car finally drove up slowly and up everyone came. I smiled and waved.

"How'd you get up here so fast?" Someone asked

"It's called walking you should try it sometime."

"You walked from the beach to up here?"

"Yeah." I nodded gosh why do I hang out with these people? Pretty soon the barbeque started and after everyone ate, there was beer and music. I shrugged and grabbed the beer that was offered to me. I took a drink and grimanced. Oh man I forgot how disgusting these things tasted! But I still drank the beer. In fact I had more than one, or two, or three ,or well you get the gist.

I looked around for Damian where the hell did he go? I attempted to stand up and almost fell when someone caught me.

"Whoa there be careful." I looked to see that it was my arch nemesis's brother.

"I'm fine." I said shrugging his hands off.

"Yeah, you are." I rolled my eyes

"Have you seen Damian anywhere?"

"Yeah I saw him over there." He pointed towards the trees where two people were making out. I saw the face of the male. So he changed huh? Nice if he changed into a motherfucking lying cheating ass bitch than that's good to know that now! I looked at the girl, Jenna. I glared.

"Hey Brian, do you have anything besides beer?" I asked him.

"Yeah. I've got some of this." He pulled up a bottle of VINIQ Vodka from his sisters bag.

"Can I have some?" I asked him

"Knock yourself out." He smiled I took the bottle with the purple glittery Vodka. I opened it and took a gulp. I winced as it burned my throat, oh man that's good. I ended up drinking the whole bottle by myself. I began to feel woosy. I jumped as a loud bang ran through my ears, the sky lit up in a red color. It's fireworks! Another bang ran through the sky and I swear my eardrums exploded. I quickly covered my ears as the fireworks worked there way across the sky. I've got to get out of here. It's too loud up here. I walked towards the woods and ended up tripping over Damian and Jenna.

"Christy! she drugged me!" He said pushing her away. I rolled my eyes and began climbing down the steep hill and off the cliffs. I found myself making my way towards Emily's house. I blinked rapidly, that asshole put something in the Vodka! They planned this! Oh wait until I see them again I will kill them!

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