9: He. Is. My. Mate.

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"Do you Sam Martinez accept?" Selena howled at me. Begging me not to take her mate away from her.

I kept my poker face on, trying not to look how I feel.

"No." he growled. Selena cried out happily, a separate part of me was happy too, but the other wasn't.

"Give me a chance." He pleaded. "Give me a chance to show you who I really am." Sam said with urgency.

Don't give in.

Do not give in.

"Please." He said, stepping closer to me.

"Fine." Sam gave me that smile that would've made any girls knees weak. But not mine.

Life just got a whole lot more complicated.

"I'm going." I said, walking away from him. "Wait!" What now?!!

"What!" This boy was really pissing me off. "When am I going to see you again?"

"In school dumbass." Okay, I knew I was being slightly mean, but hey treat them mean, keeps them keen.

"So did you just admit you want to keep Sam keen?" I could practically feel Selena smirking.

"No." I bit out.

"Kat." A voice interrupted.

"Alpha." "I just wanted to say thank you for today." "No problem, just doing my duty." I said switching the link off.

I got home to find Dad cooking. It feels like I haven't seen him for ages.

"Hey dad!" I kissed his cheek, stealing a piece of carrot that he was cutting.

"Kat! I was worried! I was alerted about the shadow shifters!" I assured Dad I was fine while I explained what had happened. Excluding the whole Sam situation.

"how are you?" "I'm... Coping." I know if I tell my dad about Sam, he will either kill Sam, or become his new best friend. "How's work?" Dads been busy at the hospital, when he's not on pack duty. "Its brilliant." he said with a genuine smile on his face, even after the long hours he's been working.

We made small talk, while making dinner. The rest of the night we just spent watching movies, just like we used to.

"Okay dad I'm gonna go sleep now." "Night Kitty Kat." he said kissing my forehead as I went up the stairs.

Laying in bed scrolling through my phone, a message flashes up.

"Hey Kitten, can't wait to see you tomorrow ;) - your mate, Sam x" what the actual fuck.

"Don't call me Kitten. And how did you get this number?!" I replied, very annoyed.

"I'm the Alpha's Son, all I had to do was look in your file. And actually I quite like the name kitten, suits you well ;) xx"

"What's with the winky faces, and isn't that against pack rules?" I so wish there was a raising eyebrow emoji.

"I like the winky faces, and please, all I had to do was say it was important ;) :p xx" seriously.

"Whatever, what did you message me for anyways?"

"Damn Kitten, even over text I can feel your feistiness. I like ;) xx"

I read it, but chose to ignore it.

Two minutes later my phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered. "Why didn't you reply?" For God sake!

"Why are you calling me?" I said in a childish whine. "Because..." he trailed off.

"Because what?"

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