Get a hold of yourself

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(Y/n) pov
I was hanging out with Gumball again. This time were on Elmore plus. Of course Im on it through my phone. Gumball was off liking all my selfies for who knows why. I giggled leaning my head on his lap while he sat in his chair. (I do that with my crush sometimes and I find it cute) I could see his blush and it made me laugh more. "Calm down your blush Gumball. You have to remember Im part wolf I like to cuddle with my friends." I smiled up at him. He smiled gently down back at me and then scratched my ears. It cause me to purr kinda like a cat would. Dont even ask why! Ok I purr to show I like being pet.... Gumball chuckled at me and then pulled me up into his lap. I blushed lightly then as he pet down my hair. Didnt know this boy had that much upper body strength..... I purred lightly as I laid my head on his shoulder. I could see his smile as I began to play on my phone again just as he played on his computer. Control yourself..... He is a friend... Just get a hold of yourself and whats important...
But what is this feeling in my heart as he holds me?

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