Boys...why do I even bother? chapter 14

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Wow! I am just rife with frequent updates lately!

Haha well I am so happy I have more free time and such.

My school made the whole middle school stay outside all day and do a scavenger hunt around town. It stunk cuz it was a bit chilly. I had a jacket but this one girl in my group was sick so I gave it to her. My hands were numb at the end. But then we got back to the school and had a kickball tourney. Then we had extra time left so we played that game called telephone. What started out as "The bay where the watermelons grow" turned into "Beware of the watermelon girls." Yes, it was an awesome day. We had another tourney after that and I actually ended up getting sunburned even though I was freezing in the morning. And this boy was being all friendly so I was hanging out with him and all. Then I found out he had a crush on me and he got a little creepy after that. He kept making people move so he could sit by me... o_0 I didn't like.


"Yup," he replied casually. "It's one of my favorite places to go. It's so relaxing."

I looked at him funny. I never realized that he was capable of being a decent human being. I've never seen this side of him before. That doesn't keep me from being suspicious though. He pulled over and hopped out. I climbed out too and followed him. It was a little chilly seeing it was late October. It makes me wish I had a jacket. I wrap my arms around myself and shiver slightly, trying to catch up to Josh.

"Should've brought a jacket," Josh scolds.

"I didn't know we'd be here!" I protested.

"That's not my problem," he says with a smirk.

"Technically, it is, seeing you brought me here," I reply.

"You didn’t have to get out of the car,"

I scowl at his back and speed up so I'm stomping ahead of him. I reach the sand and take my shoes off. I dig my toes into the sand as I make my way to the shore. Suddenly I feel something warm being draped over my shoulders. I turn around and see Josh behind me. He shrugs his shoulder. I put my arms through the too-big sleeves and eye him suspiciously. Usually he is rife with boyish attitude, Today he is...Well he's still boyish but it seems to be a bit toned down.

"What?" Everyone knows that boys have a better tolerance for temperature,"

I turn around and look at him. A small smile appears on my lips. Of course he has an excuse for being nice. I turn back around and keep walking.

"Either that or women are just wimps," he mutters loud enough so I can hear.

My smile disappears and I turn around to scowl at him. His head is down as he stares at the ground with yet another smirk playing on his lips. Then he looks up at me through his eyelashes and I catch my breath. He looks so handsome right now. With his hair perfectly messed up from the slight wind, hands in his pockets and lips set into a smile. I quickly turn back around so he can't see me blush. He walks up beside me.

"I want to show you something," he says quietly in my ear.

A shiver runs down my spine at the sudden closeness.

"Let's go!" he shouts extra loud, his mouth still near my ear.

I slap a hand to my ear and I’m about to scold him when he grabs my free hand and forces me to run beside him. I'm stumbling all over the place as he tugs me along. By the time we get to wherever he was so desperate to take us, my hands are on my knees and I'm trying to catch my breath. Josh frowns at me.

You’re out of shape," Josh states.

"We ran really far!" I complain.

"We ran 30 ft," he says with one eyebrow raised.

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