"Thanks, but you can tell me what you really wanted to say."

"No it's fine. It was nothing really."

"Alright if you say so. Look I'm gonna lay down and get some rest okay, call me later?"

"I will" I said before we said out 'I love yous' and hung up the phone. Just as I settled back into my chair, the announcement for first class boarders of my flight went off. I sighed knowing that my section would be called soon, but I knew that once I got on the plane, I would be able to get some much needed sleep.

I stepped out of the airport into the crisp New York air and pulled my jacket tighter to my body. My flight had landed around 2 and an hour later, I was finally leaving JFK. I fanned down a taxi, when it came to a stop, I opened my door and slid inside with my bag. Since I would only be here for 4 days, I didn't bother bringing much luggage with me.

I told the driver the address of the apartment complex Trey was staying in, and sat back to take in the hour care ride. I had never been to New York before and I was awed by the, bright lights that cascaded through the sky. It was beautiful. I pulled out my camera and began to flash several pictures or my surroundings. Aside from studying business and hospitality management at USC, I was also a photography student. After an hour, the driver stopped as we had reached my destination. I pulled out $80 dolLars and handed it to him, telling him to keep the change before exiting the car.

I looked on the mail box until I found Trey's name before letting myself into the apartment complex. I took the elevator up to the third floor and rang the doorbell for his room. I stood there anxiously as I waited for what seemed like forever for him to open the door and waited for about 3 minutes until I heard him coming in the other side of the door

"Troy, I swear if this it your ass..." I heard him yelling until he swung the door open and looked down at me.

"Channel?" Trey said looking confused and surprised at the same time. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you" said smiling. He looked back into the room before closing the door some so that it wasn't completely opened. "What?" I asked as he looked at me dumbfounded. This definitely wasn't the reaction I was expecting. After 7 months of not seeing each other, I'd think he would be pulling me into his arms and kissing me everywhere he could.

"Nothing, nothing." he said shaking his head and waving me off. "I didn't expect you here that's all. I'm just shocked." he said before hesitantly pulling me into a hug.

"Well, that's what surprises do" he let me go before he went to stand in the doorway.

"So are you gonna let me in or are you just gonna stand there?" I asked but before he could speak there was a female voice coming from behind him.

"Trey, baby who is that?"

"Shit" Trey said to himself

"Are you gonna come back soon?" she asked and he was silent as he just stared at me as I glared at him.


"Ness, just go back to the room" He said trying not to let his voice escalate and I pushed the door open to see a female about the same height as me standing there in nothing but a tank top and panties.

"So that's why you're too busy to call me or visit me Trey?" I asked and he was silent. "Is it?" I aasked and he just looked at me. "Answer me!" I said screaming, probably loud enough for all of Jersey to hear me.

"I can't fucking believe you." I said pushing him into the wall surprising both him and myself. "How the fuck could you do this to me?" he said trying to stop me from hitting him as he tried to pull me in for a hug.

"Baby I'm so sorry" he said as tears flowed down my face I looked up at him and I wasn't sure if he was crying or if it was just the blurriness from my tears.

"If you were sorry you wouldn't be doing this" I yelled and by now people were beginning to open their doors and see what was going on. "Stop touching me!" I yelled as he continued to pull me into him.

"Trey, I'll just get my stuff and go" the girl said before going back into the room

"No, you stay. Obviously he wants you here" I said wiping the tears from my face. "Big ass piece of shit" I spat at him before grabbing my bags and storming down the hall way as he chased after me. I got to the elevator and pressed the button repeatedly as I waited for it to open.

"Nell, just wait" he said taking my hand but I snatched it away from him as I entered the elevator and he stepped in after me.

"Trey get out" I said pressing the door open button so he could leave but he pressed the door close button and stopped the elevator.

"Channel just listen to me."

"Listen to what Trey? There's nothing for you can say. I came to spend a weekend with you and surprise you but instead I find a half naked bitch in your aparment calling you 'baby'? Are you gonna try and explain that?" I said looking at him with nothing but disgust.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you." I scoffed

"So you just wanted to have it your way and hope I never found out? You're disgusting Trey." I said hitting the lobby button causing the elevator to move again

"I can't believe you would do this to me. How long have you been messing around with her?" I asked and he looked down at the ground without answering. "How long Tremaine?" I asked strlernly and he looked at me before answering

"A month. But baby, I swear she means nothing."

"I swear she means nothing" I mimicked "Is that supposed to make me feed better!?" I yelled as he looked down at his feet

"Its obvious that I'm the one that meant nothing to you" I spat

"Don't say that" he said as his eyes glistened

"It's the truth. If I did you would never do this to me." I said shaking my head and exiting the elevator once the doors finally opened.

"Baby please just hear me out. She's nothing. I love you-" he said but I put my hand up to stop him.

"Don't. The fact that you cheated on me isn't even what hurts the most. But the fact that you did this to me, I'm you're best friend, not some girl that you picked up on the street. You should've never treated me like this" I said as the water works started again. I stepped out of the elevator and made my way outside and stood in the cold winter air.

"Baby please don't do this." Trey said.

"What do you want me to do Trey? Take you back like you didn't betray my trust. You ruined us, you ruined our friendship. I loved you enough to give you the most precious thing I had and you made me regret it." I said shaking my head. "Just go back inside. You're gonna get sick." it had to be no more than 30 something degrees out here and Trey was standing here in basketball shorts and some socks.

"Where are you gonna go?" he asked looking defeated.

"Don't worry about where I'm going. Just worry about yourself, like you've been doing" I said before walking away from him and down the street to a bench. I fetched my phone out of my pocket and flipped it open and dialed the number for a taxi. I wasn't staying here, I had no reason to. I had no reason to come to Jersey besides my desire to see Trey. Now that that's over, I'm going back home.

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