Chapter 21: Don't insult food

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"Oh... Mah... God... I repeat-"

"Mom, you've been saying 'Oh my god' for a 23 times! Can you stop? It's just him asking me to be his girlfriend!" You whined. You always have to be the mature one out of you and your mom. It always you who's mature, no matter the time or the place.

"HIM JUST ASKING YOU TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND IS A FRIGGIN BIG DEAL!" She squealed, her eyes shining with excitement.

"God.... Anyway, when's dad coming back?" You asked.

"Probably the day after tomorrow." She replied, while half way through eating her sandwich.


"You two should go on a date tomorrow. Without your friends or whatsoever." She grinned.

"...... Well...Just promise me you won't come spying on us."

".... I make no promises."


"Fine fine! I promise. I was just about to try this disguise I bought a few days ago."

"Boy, am I glad you decided not to come." You sighed.


The next day, you were at this small restaurant. It was small, unpopular, not much people. But it's food is heavenly. The navy blue head and you were sitting next to each other, looking through the menu.

"I'm having.... this." You pointed at the picture of a big juicy barbequed steak.

"Steak? Really?" Aomine raised a brow.

"It's good." You replied.

"No no. I mean... girls... they usually care about their weight... and look at this... thing."

"Daiki, if you hadn't realized by now, I am not that type of girl. Don't call this precious food a 'THING'. It's my baby."

"What? Your baby?" Aomine drawled out. You sighed. Don't insult food. Never insult food. Kimiko will appear out of nowhere and kill you.

"My baby." You repeated, staring straight into his eyes for a dramatic effect.

"But I look better than your baby." He frowned.

"What did you just do Ahomine? Hmmm? Hmmm?" Kimiko popped out of nowhere. See? I told you so. Her eyes were gleaming with red anger, her hair sticking out like some kind of snakes from Medusa's head. Wait, she does look like one now.

"Uhh... What?" Aomine raised a brow.

"You just insulted the food. I'm going to kill you. Any last words?" Kimiko had this sinister grin on her face. Pulling a chainsaw out of her purse.

"How the hell did you appear here.... and manage to pull that massive chainsaw out of your... 5 inch purse?" Aomine asked. That's like... really bad waste of last words anyone could ever say. You were expecting something like 'I left a million dollars in- *dies*'... But then again, you can't expect anything awesome from this Aho.

"Okay. Now I'm going to kill you." Kimiko smirks, the blades on the chainsaw vroomed loudly. You are now wondering why that waiter over there is just staring at the situation without doing anything. He's just like: 'Just destroy the whole restaurant, I don't care.'

"Kimiko?" You called, and the evil-obsessed Kimiko stared at you, her eyes blank and starving for murder. You gulped. Never insult food... Ever. You can insult her, insult anyone, just... not the food.

"You know..." You started, pointing at that steak in the menu. "You can have this. Just... don't kill anyone okay?" You said.

Actually you wanted to join the fun and go all blood thirsty with a chainsaw running in your hands but this is Aomine... And Aomine's just.... him. So you can't kill him. The only one who can kill him is him ....... And that big spider that was in your room a few weeks ago.

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